Watch OS 7 release: waiting for sleep monitoring finally!

 Watch OS 7 release: waiting for sleep monitoring finally!

The new watchos has a richer personalized dial that can be made, configured with dial function updates, and added dial sharing function, which also supports riding navigation; among them, sleep tracking is the most popular one.

Watchos7 supports and allows users to add multiple complex functions to a single dial. Developers can also develop their own complex functions.

The new dial sharing function has also been added. Users can install their favorite dial directly on the web page. Long press the dial on the applewatch, and users can also share it with friends or on social media.

Users of Apple watch must be most concerned about the launch of the sleep tracking function. This time, watchos7 finally achieved what they wanted. (of course, we have to consider the issue of endurance at this time.)

Watchos7 increases the function of sleep aid. Before sleep, the lock screen and do not disturb mode will be opened automatically, and the trend of sleep status will be updated.

During sleep, applewatch detects sleep patterns by tracking the users breath. After getting up the next day, watchos7 will also display the date, weather and other information of the day, as well as the remaining power of applewatch.

The physical training of watchos7 now adds support for dance, including hip-hop dance, Latin and other dance types; activity is renamed fitness.

Because of the global environment of the new crown epidemic, apple added hand washing detection function in watchos7, using machine learning to detect hand washing action, and using microphone to detect water flow sound, the combination of the two can accurately determine whether users are washing their hands at present.

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