Abandoning Intel and Apples official announcement MAC series will enable arm architecture chip

 Abandoning Intel and Apples official announcement MAC series will enable arm architecture chip

Apples R & D strength at the bottom chip end is needless to say. The series a products based on iPhone and iPad series products have shown the powerful strength of Apples R & D at the chip end to the outside world countless times, especially the CPU, GPU and machine learning performance are all the worlds top level. This time, Apples breakthrough and change in the chip side of MAC products will make apple innovate from the bottom chip side of MAC products, further improve the overall strength of Apples software and hardware optimization and integration, and make Apples ecosystem more perfect.

In Apples official words, when the new Mac series products use the chips developed by themselves, not only the overall performance is improved significantly, but also the power consumption can be controlled more effectively, so as to bring a better endurance experience.

About the naming method of arm architecture chip based on Mac platform, apple didnt directly explain this time, but it is expected to use the letter A to name the same as iPhone and iPad, because the macmini test computer that Apple showed to the outside this time is equipped with a12z chip on the new iPad.

Of course, after the MAC uses the arm architecture chip, not only is the simple performance experience enhanced and the power consumption controlled better, more importantly, it is reflected in Apples ability to integrate the software and hardware, which means that Apple will fully open up the iPhone, iPad and MAC three sets of Apples chip side infrastructure. In short, the follow-up Mac will also seamlessly run a large number of applications on the iPhone and iPad, which only need to be compiled quickly through the compilation software provided by apple.

But for Intel, a close partner who has worked together for many years, its not good news to lose such a big customer as apple.

Source: responsible editor of Netease Digital: Wu Bo_ NT3514