Running was rated no fashion? Zheng Kais good taste and good reputation

 Running was rated no fashion? Zheng Kais good taste and good reputation

I dont know if the continuous refusal of nofashion and the female guests in the first review stimulated Zheng Kai. In the next game, he was riveted.

At the stage of dressing up and show, Zheng Kai, who performed the theme of no fur, dressed in a heavy and hot bear Costume, didnt forget to interact with the audience on the stage, staged a wonderful hot dance, and let the audience repeatedly praise: Kaikai is really fighting to get the evaluation and promotion!

In the rush to answer the game, Zheng Kai bumped Li Chen and Zhang Han with her weight advantage, and answered two questions in a row with her keen sense of fashion.

At last, when matching clothes for the female guests, Zheng Kai showed you what it was called professional scavenging by people who are good at goods. Besides, unlike other guests, Zheng Kai suddenly got song Yanfeis athletic characteristics, and created a cool salt style match for her with a sports vest, short denim jacket and denim shorts. The match not only won song Yanfeis love, but also made the audience praise her: Zheng Kai has a really good taste. Song Yanfeis suit is not only suitable for her, but also very advanced. She can go to the street to shoot directly.

As the audience said, Zheng Kai has always been a good male star in underwear circle. From the screen to the private, he can not only hold the mature and restrained suit, but also control the sunshine dynamic sportswear, and perfectly digest various styles such as yuppie and warm man.

Although he met fashion Waterloo at the beginning of this issue of running bar, Zheng Kai finally justified himself by virtue of fashion and good taste. To borrow his often said sentence, Kaige has always been very good at temperament! I dont know what new jokes will be made by fashion cheetah next? Lets book a wave of cheetah joy in next Fridays run bar in advance!