If you dont work hard, its the biggest sorrow in life

 If you dont work hard, its the biggest sorrow in life

When it comes to his acting experience, Xiao Shenyang said that he would never touch the skits again, because he was afraid that he could no longer surpass the previous works, which would disappoint the audience.

Little Shenyang can really say that the peak is the road.

At that time, with the Spring Festival Gala not bad money popular in the north and south of the river, young and famous.

However, it seems to have become a barrier that he cant cross.

Eleven years later, Little Shenyang, who has been in his infancy, has not produced any more works that surpass himself, and gradually becomes a little bit lost to the public.

In Zuo Zhuan, it is said that if you want to prosper with it, you will die with it.

The plight of Little Shenyang is actually that of many adults.

Maybe in some high light moment of life, we all used to sing and feel that the world is under our feet.

However, once the time is up, we will find that the beautiful princess is still going to be Cinderella.

We may all think that we are the former, but forget that in fact, most people can only be the latter.

You and I are mortals, cant be gorgeous, can only bite your teeth forward.

The world is like a chess game.

Some people start with a good set of cards, but go high and go low. As a result, they lose with no money and waste the good chance given by heaven.

Some people take a pair of bad cards, but not in a hurry, calm and steady, only to find out in the end, already won the pot full.

Card is character, in life this card table, fate is only responsible for shuffling, the card player is actually yourself.


A tough life

Its always against the trend

There are many people around us, starting from a high point of view. When we were young, we had boundless scenery.

But often after the age of 40, it began to stagnate.

Or be vain and live in unrealistic goals.

Or lose the passion for work and life, and live in the vested interests of one acre of land.

At the end of the day, I stopped growing and lost my heart.

Zhang Hanyu, the 10 billion movie emperor, was really unknown before he was 40 years old.

After graduating from the performance major of the Central Academy of drama, Zhang Hanyu became a voice actor.

At that time, the income was very low. Most of Zhang Hanyus salary in a month had to be used to pay the rent, or the basement.

In 1998, at the age of 34, Zhang Hanyu finally entered the screen for the first time and participated in the first TV play the place where the dream begins.

But he is still just a dragon suit.

Each character is too small to be smaller, and the lines are just a few.

At this time, Zhang Hanyu, running the life of the Dragon suit, seems to have no hope.

Finally, the fate of the 43 year old man in 2007, he served as a man in Feng Xiaogangs assembly number one millet land.

After years of hard work at the bottom, Zhang Hanyu has interpreted this seemingly humble but actually tough retired soldier to a great extent, which has touched tens of millions of audiences.

After the performance, Zhang Hanyu was frostbitten and hospitalized, but he said:

As a man, its OK not to play a few heroes in a lifetime? I am more than 40 years old. This may be the last chance in my life. I will not let it go no matter how difficult it is.

It is said that the starting point determines the ending point.

Without the character of perseverance and patience, and without the magic of Longtao for many years, how can there be a spectacular result?

The writer Dabing said: you and I understand that this is never a fair world. People have different starting points, different paths, even different experiences, and different destinies. Some people admit their lives, some follow their lives, some resist their lives, some play their lives, hope and disappointment interlace, and live a lifetime.

Low starting point is not terrible. What is terrible is that people are poor.

I didnt do well in the first half. Its OK. My life is up to me.


Know how to start later and arrive first

There is a concept in economics called late development advantage.

You have to have three things if you want to stay behind.

A strong body, when others are going downhill, you still have the strength to climb the peak.

There is always open thinking, vigilance against rigid complacency, and self iteration within the possible range.

Lu Meng in the Three Kingdoms period, as we all know, defeated Guan Yus man.

At the age of 30, I study hard and endure the ridicule of the secular world. Every night, I read in the light until the early morning, and I also ask for advice from the children modestly.

Only then did we have the eternal beautiful talk of three days apart from scholars, looking at each other with great admiration.

There is a saying: life is a marathon. People who run fast at the beginning may not arrive at their destination first.

The most precious thing in life is not to have a dream, but to have a dream at the same time, you can still be down-to-earth.

In fact, early action is not necessarily a good thing, late action is not necessarily a bad thing.

In the story of the Dragon slaying in heaven, it says: he is strong by himself, and the wind blows the mountain. He is the master of the river.

As long as you master the rhythm, you may as well slow yourself down. No one wants to fail, but its not bad to experience some.

The ups and downs of life are impermanent. The starting point is only for a while. Only with extreme efforts and self-discipline can you complete your life.


Its called late success

You wake up early, but if you dont want to be aggressive, genius can be wasted.

Oscar winner Morgan Freeman spent 30 years in Hollywood, only to become famous at the age of 57.

Zeng Guofan, the leader of the Hunan army, spent most of his life in the Imperial Academy. He never slacked his efforts in maintaining and storing materials. Finally, it ushered in the world of ambition and became the first minister of the late Qing Dynasty.

So it doesnt matter how you start. Its about how you keep giving.

Everyone in the world has their own development time zone. Some people seem to walk in front of you, and others seem to walk behind you.

But whats really important is to take a good step in your own time zone.

People often think of talent as the ability itself, says the best-selling book, lifelong growth.. However, it is the constant and endless curiosity and the search for challenges that infuse these talents.

If there is a quality in the world that can make a person never fall, there is nothing else but effort.

Those who insist on lifelong learning and lifelong progress will be rewarded quietly by the world.

You just have to work hard, the rest is up to fate.

Please believe that: diligence, you are not doomed to work and not get, but belong to your destiny has not yet arrived.