A novel coronavirus pneumonia was told that the India woman had changed her hospital on the three day after she died.

 A novel coronavirus pneumonia was told that the India woman had changed her hospital on the three day after she died.

Overseas network, June 22 (Xinhua) - a 55 year old woman died after being told that the new crown virus test was negative, but the hospital found the report mixed up three days later.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was declared dead in India, a 55 year old woman from Hyderabad, BegumJani, on the evening of 21, according to the India times report. Begum Gianni, a woman aged from 2000, was declared dead on the night of local time. At the time of the announcement, Gianni had been dead for three days.

Janis body was shown to his family on the 22nd local time. Jaynes daughter, Nishat, told the media that her mothers jaw was inflamed by tooth extraction. On the morning of the 18th, Jani was taken to the hospital, but late that night, his family learned about Janis death. The family was initially told that Janis new coronavirus test was positive, but every other day (19 days). When they went to the hospital, the hospital said that there were some errors in the test report, and the name on the report was confused with the name of another patient admitted on the 17th.

The hospital told Janis family that samples of his body would be sent for testing again, and the body would be placed in the morgue until the test results came out. For three days, we were forced to travel around the hospital to get the results, and on Sunday night, we were told that our mothers new coronavirus test was positive, Nishat said. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also the reason why the remains will not be handed over to the family, but will be buried according to the treatment of the new crown pneumonia victims.

Reported that a similar incident occurred on the 21st. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was told that a India woman who was being treated in the hospital was recovered and healthy, but died of pneumonia after a new day. These cases attract peoples attention. The report quoted local officials as saying that if the new coronavirus test positive remains to relatives, will cause very dangerous results.

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