The three international anti epidemic cloud conference, which Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized.

 The three international anti epidemic cloud conference, which Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized.

For the safety and health of all peoples

In conducting the domestic war epidemic, Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed that always put the safety and health of the people in the first place. Protecting peoples lives and health can at all costs. No matter whether the age is bigger or the illness is heavier, we will never give up.

Human life is the most precious. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the common enemy of all mankind. The first place of life and health is not only set in China but also in the world.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia summit in March 26th, Xi Jinping called for Twenty women to protect children and women, protect the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable groups, and protect the basic livelihood of the people.

On May 18th, at the opening ceremony of the World Health Assembly video conference, Xi Jinping said: we must adhere to the people-oriented, life foremost, scientifically allocate medical strength and important materials, and take effective measures in the important areas such as protection, isolation, detection, treatment, tracking and so on, so as to contain the epidemic situation in the global situation as soon as possible, and try to prevent the cross border spread of the epidemic.

In a keynote speech at the special summit on unity and epidemic prevention in June 17th, Xi Jinping stressed: we must uphold the supremacy of the people and the supremacy of life, co-ordinate resources, unite and cooperate, and do our utmost to protect peoples lives and health and minimize the negative impact of the epidemic.


In order to build world consensus and promote global cooperation

It is the theme of the speech and speech delivered by Xi Jinping at the three International Conference on anti epidemic, unity and cooperation is the common keyword.

At the three international conference, Xi Jinping put forward a series of practical China initiatives to promote international cooperation in the prevention and control of epidemic diseases.

In the opening speech of the World Health Assembly video conference, Xi Jinping announced the establishment of a global humanitarian emergency warehouse and hub in China, the establishment of 30 Sino African counterpart hospital cooperation mechanisms and Chinas new crown vaccine research and development will be completed as a global public product after completion and application.

China announced novel coronavirus pneumonia summit, Xi Jinping announced that sharing useful measures to prevent and control with other countries, and developing joint research and development of drugs and vaccines to explore the establishment of a regional public health emergency liaison mechanism, China will intensify its efforts to supply raw materials, essential necessities, epidemic prevention materials and other products to the international market, said the twenty leaders.


Every anti epidemic measure advocated by Xi Jinping has been launched around the solidarity and cooperation of the international community, effectively boosting the confidence of the global epidemic and bringing together the worlds anti epidemic efforts.

At the same time, Xi Jinping clearly pointed out that we are opposed to politicizing the epidemic situation, labeling the virus, opposing racial discrimination and ideological bias, and firmly safeguarding international fairness and justice.

To prevent the world economy from falling into recession

The novel coronavirus pneumonia seriously challenges global public health safety and has a global impact on the global economy. In response to this, Xi Jinping pointed out at the special summit of leaders of the group of twenty, all countries should join hands to increase the momentum of macroeconomic policy and prevent the world economy from falling into recession. Global industrial chain supply chain is stable

One belt, one road, was put forward by Xi Jinping in order to overcome the economic impact of the epidemic on Africa. At the special summit on solidarity and epidemic prevention in Central Africa, Beijing pointed out: we must strengthen cooperation in building one belt and one way cooperation, accelerate the implementation of the outcome of the summit of China Africa Cooperation Forum and focus on cooperation in health, rehabilitation, rehabilitation and improvement of peoples livelihood. China is willing to work with Africa to jointly expand cooperation in digital economy, smart city, clean energy, 5g and other new industries and promote Africas development and revitalization.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the World Health Assembly video conference, Xi Jinping stressed the need to strengthen international macroeconomic policy coordination, safeguard the stability and unimpeded supply chain of the global industrial chain, and try to restore the world economy.

Mankind is a community of shared destiny, and unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons to defeat the epidemic. As Xi Jinping said, pull together in times of trouble and help each other will surely overcome the epidemic situation and usher in a better tomorrow for human development.