Xi Jinping sends congratulatory messages to the special session of the China Arabia political dialogue forum

 Xi Jinping sends congratulatory messages to the special session of the China Arabia political dialogue forum

Xi Jinping said that on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the China Arabia dialogue between China and the State Party, on behalf of the CPC and in my own name, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the convening of the conference and to extend sincere greetings to the leaders of the Arabia state party at the meeting.

Xi Jinping pointed out that Sino Arab friendship has a long history and has lasted for a long time. One belt, one road, the two ethnic groups of China and Arab States, joined hands in the Silk Road and joined hands in the Silk Road to jointly realize the dream of national prosperity and national renewal. Facing the sudden novel coronavirus pneumonia, Nakaya Momochiaisuke, who was in total difficulties, wrote a new chapter on building a common destiny between China and Arab. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Through the baptism of fighting the epidemic hand in hand, the foundation of China Arab strategic partnership is stronger, peoples friendship is deeper, and cooperation prospects are brighter.

Xi Jinping stressed that the epidemic once again shows that mankind is a community of common destiny. The Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have always adhered to the principle of people first and life first, spared no effort to save lives, and achieved significant strategic results in epidemic prevention and control. They have always been open, transparent and responsible, actively participated in and promoted international cooperation in the fight against epidemic, and have always supported and helped the international community fight against epidemic within their capabilities. China is willing to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with the international community, including the Arab countries, and support the World Health Organization to play a leading role in jointly promoting the building of a community of human health.

Xi Jinping said that the China Arab political party dialogue is an important platform for the exchange and cooperation between the CPC and the Arabia national political parties. Facing the new situation and challenges brought by the epidemic situation, the Communist Party of China is willing to work with the political parties of Arab countries to give full play to the platform role of the dialogue meeting between the Chinese and Arab political parties, continue to strengthen strategic communication, deepen the exchange of governance experience under the situation of epidemic prevention and control normalization, respect each other, learn from each other, and make unremitting efforts to build a community of common destiny in the new era and realize the great rejuvenation of the two major ethnic groups strive. I wish the conference a complete success.

The special session of the China Arab political parties dialogue was hosted by the Foreign Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee. The theme of the three-day meeting is jointly build a community of shared future in the new era. Six Arab leaders, including Mauritanian President jazuwani, Palestinian President Fatah and President Abbas, general secretary of the Syrian Baath party and President Bashar, general secretary of the Moroccan party for justice and development and Prime Minister Osmani, addressed the meeting, with the participation of more than 60 leaders of major political parties from Arab countries. The leader of the Arab League said that he fully agreed with general secretary Xi Jinpings positive evaluation of the Arab China strategic partnership. He highly appreciated the Chinese Communist Party and governments adherence to the ruling concept of people first in the struggle against epidemic diseases and adhered to the concept of the community of human destiny, actively participated in and promoted international cooperation in anti epidemic. Thanks for the support of Arabia for its support for the sovereignty and independence of the Chinese nation. Hong Kong, Xinjiang and other affairs are Chinas internal affairs and oppose interference in Chinas internal affairs by external forces. We are willing to work with the Communist Party of China to strengthen strategic communication and mutual learning of ideas, and work together to build a community of shared future in the new era.