Its on the bar! Bolton: trump is not supposed to be president

 Its on the bar! Bolton: trump is not supposed to be president

ABC asked, what do you say to Americans when you sit here? Trump won (the election). Hes the president of the United States now. He has a very strong base of support.

My conclusion is very clear. I dont think he (trump) should be president. Bolton said.

According to the report, Bolton condemned the damage caused to the United States during Trumps presidency and said the 2020 presidential election was the last barrier to protect the United States from Trumps harm.

I hope (History) will remember that he is a one term president and that he has not trapped this country in a vicious circle that we cannot undo. We can survive (his) one term (but if he is elected president) for two terms, I would be more worried. Bolton said.

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