Drowning of 8 students in Chongqing: involving 7 families and 11 year old boy jumping River to save his sister

 Drowning of 8 students in Chongqing: involving 7 families and 11 year old boy jumping River to save his sister

The scene of the incident.

According to the local information bulletin, one student accidentally fell into the water, and seven students went to rescue. The rescue students fell into the water together, resulting in the tragic drowning of eight people.

On Sunday, June 21, the day of catching up in mixin town.

That morning, 12-year-old Xiaole, who had not eaten breakfast, was called out by his classmates to play. Xiaoles grandparents also want to go to the town. When Xiaole leaves, she tells her grandma to tell her when she goes home, and she will go home with her grandma.

Near noon, Xiaole tells grandma who hasnt come home in the town that she wants to play with her classmates instead of going home for dinner. Xiaoles grandmother recalled that at that time, Xiaole had instant noodles in her hand.

More and more students got together and walked to the Fujiang River, about 1 km away from mixin primary school. However, eight students, including Xiaole and Xiaoshuang, never came back.

According to the surging news, on the afternoon of the 21st, there were 15 students gathered on the beach near the Fujiang River in mixin primary school, most of them were girls of grade 6, most of whom were in their twenties and threes.

The eight students who drowned were all from the primary school.

Villagers say there are many hidden pits in the river

The place where the eight students had an accident is about 200 meters away from the village where the villagers live in Tongjia village. They have to go through a vegetable field and a forest to get there. This means that even if someone calls for help by the river, the villagers are hard to hear at home.

A number of villagers said that at one or two oclock on the afternoon of the 21st, they were all taking a nap. No one noticed that groups of students were walking towards the river. They only knew after the accident that a student doll fell into the water.

The river in the accident area is about 100 meters wide, and there is a large beach composed of pebbles on the river side. The terrain is gentle, and the dam of the upstream hydropower station can be seen in the distance.

Seven students drowned

According to people familiar with the matter, the only boy among the eight drowned students is the brother of one of the seven drowned girls. The boy saw his sister fall into the water, jumped into the water to save his sister, and eventually drowned.

In addition to the eight students who died, Xiaoyi is one of the seven others. Xiao Yis uncle, Mr. Jiang, said that according to Xiao Yi, she also fell into the water and climbed up the bank. After slowing down, Xiaoyi calls the police. Due to the location of the incident at the junction of the two places, the police call was received by Suining police.

Tongnan District issued a circular saying that after learning about the situation, the local government immediately organized forces to carry out search and rescue. After receiving the report from Tongnan District, Chongqing municipal Party committee and municipal government attached great importance to it. They dispatched working groups to the scene for disposal at the first time, and organized public security, fire fighting and emergency rescue.

According to the report, at 6:30 on the 22nd, seven of the students were salvaged after overnight search and rescue. 40 minutes later, the last student was salvaged, 8 of whom had no vital signs.

Mr. Chiang said that on the 22 day, Xiao Yi had asked for leave to adjust and restore at home. Xiao Yis parents working in Yunyang, Chongqing were catching up with their families. We are thinking about at least letting one of them not go out to work and watch their children at home, he said. After this, we all feel uneasy about leaving the old with the children.

The Ministry of education has warned that minors are not encouraged to rescue drowning people

On June 22, the surging news published comments that relevant statistics show that drowning has become the number one cause of death for childrens abnormal death in China. About 57000 people drown every year in China, of which 56.58% are under 14 years old. Especially in many rural areas, there are a large number of rivers, lakes, ponds and other natural waters, while the awareness of rural family safety is mostly weak, and the supervision of children is relatively loose. In particular, many children belong to left behind children, and non parents guardians are weaker. This has led to the rural areas become a child drowning disaster area.

It is not the first time that the drowning of a minor is caused by rescuing a drowned person. Last April 20, an 11-year-old girl in Lankao County, Henan Province accidentally fell into the water (drowned after playing) while playing near the river. A 12-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy drowned in the rescue process. In 2011, four primary school students in Luan, Anhui Province rescued the drowning students hand in hand.

On May 29 this year, the office of the Education Steering Committee of the State Council issued warning No. 2 in 2020, reminding local education departments and schools, together with relevant departments, to further strengthen the work of anti drowning, guiding the majority of students to keep in mind the requirements of six nos for anti drowning safety, further improving the awareness of safety first, life first and prevention as the first and far away from danger.

Formula for preventing drowning

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u6056789,container:ssp_ 6056789, async:true }As early as 2012, in order to vividly remind students to strengthen the prevention of drowning in summer, the Ministry of education specially made a slide show to remind students through data, pictures and voice. The safety education slide clearly states that it is not recommended for minors to rescue the drowning person. When minors find someone drowning, they should learn to call the police or ask for help from adults. To rescue from the shore or ship, they should first ensure their own safety and prevent being dragged into the water. When rescuing a drowning person, the lifebuoy, bamboo pole, board and other things can be thrown to the drowning person and then dragged to the shore. (the names of primary and secondary music, Xiaoshuang and Xiaoyi are all pseudonyms) eight primary school students in Tongnan, Chongqing were recommended to drown. The education supervision committee of the State Council issued an early warning that eight primary school students in Chongqing were drowned. Most of them were girls with a river width of 40-50 meters. Source: surging news editor: Hu Yiwen_ NB14510

(wenxiaoxiaole, Xiaoshuang and Xiaoyi are all pseudonyms)