In his films, I saw the real appearance of China

 In his films, I saw the real appearance of China

Some people who dont know much about director Jia Zhangke may still have an impression on him at the stage of art director, or young town spokesman, or some films cant be released in China. There have been many doubts about his films and his comments, especially in the past few years.

In fact, director Jia Zhangke is one of the few people in China who not only dare to speak, but also have critical thinking about reality. He not only keenly captures the changes of the times, but also records the people who are tripped in the rapidly changing society.

As Xu Zhiyuan said to him, to some extent, he is the greatest journalist of our time. [1

His films are not newsletters

Jia Zhangkes films are all about real life. They dont have those polished very smooth things. At the same time, because of his personal life experience, these films all present a rough feeling with rough edges.

When Xiaowu was released in Hong Kong, the poster said, this is a very rough film.

Those who like Jia Zhangkes films like the realism and rough edge feeling in his films. Those who dont like these films will think this is social news, so why do I go to the cinema to watch the news?.

But at the commemoration and sharing meeting of the 10th anniversary of the movie Xiaowu, Chen Danqing had a very high evaluation on it:

As soon as this little ruffian smokes and shakes his legs, I think its right. The fifth generation movie is not so accurate. Its just that a Chinese youth without ideology, status and future stands by the road and waits for a car, and then its surrounded by squatters in handcuffs. Its very accurate from the beginning to the end. [2

Maybe this sentence tells the difference between this kind of movie and social news - social news gives a 5W formula: who, where, when, what and why; but there are no specific details of characters behavior, changes in psychological state and behavioral logic in social news, which are all in real theme movies.

Therefore, the director of blind well, Li Yang, would say, the real subject matter is not to shoot the poor, but to shoot the living. [3

One of the most famous scenes in the good man of the Three Gorges / the good man of the Three Gorges

The first scene of Xiaowu: people waiting for the bus on the side of the road, the voice over the picture shows the Errenzhuan Mr. Bai shopping (the voice of Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan is suspected); then, the protagonist Xiaowu appears, a thief who wears black frame glasses and a large suit every day and is silent in the crowd, and the voice of strike hard comes from the background u3002

This is a person who cant adapt to social changes.

The young people in this town come from Jia Zhangkes life experience, Fenyang people look for themselves in Xiaowu, and later platform and Ren Xiaoyao are his hometown Fenyang. Platform has Jia Zhangkes personal memory of the 1980s, Ren Xiaoyao is the confused youth of the county youth.

Later Three Gorges good man, destiny and people in the Jianghu are all the people who cant help but show the changes of the times / the torrent of history.

However, Jia Zhangkes greater ambition may be reflected in his documentary, especially the 2010 Legend of the sea.

Han Han is the youngest interviewee / Legend of the sea in the documentary

For this documentary, he found 88 parties, even the direct descendants of the four families of the Republic of China (of course, they all kept silent), and wanted to explore the impact of dramatic historical changes on individuals:

This is a city memory constructed by private narratives. There are many interviews in the film. I have to find the parties of those historical events and listen to the details in their life experience to understand history. Because for me, history without details is abstract. [4

The theme and foothold of this documentary have determined that it cant be rated very high. Douban 7.4, imdb6.9, rotten tomatoes dont have its page. Its too complicated and controversial.

However, although the outside world regards Legend of the sea as the propaganda film of Shanghai World Expo, it has realized Jia Zhangkes personal expression and practiced I dont want only abstract theories, I want living people.

Very few people have been able to create on their own

Making a movie is a matter of burning money. Because of burning money, it is more likely to be hijacked by some additional factors, especially after becoming famous.

However, from Jia Zhangkes going home from the hill in 1995 to his winning the lifetime achievement award of Cannes Film Festival, Jia Zhangke has almost never lacked money to make films and has always maintained a relatively independent creative state.

When Jia Zhangke was a student, he saw a Chinese version of how to make an independent film in the library, which was his first exposure to the word independent film. [5

Later, when he and the members of the youth film experimental group made the first short film Xiaoshan home, he already knew how to make a budget and how to maximize the use of resources. At that time, he helped people write TV plays for others in school to earn money. His classmates also had income. Apart from necessary expenses such as equipment and venue, everyone had no salary. Thats how the first short film came out.

In the late 1990s, Xiaowu unexpectedly achieved great success. At that time, it brought 5 million deposits to his bankbook. That is to say, Jia Zhangke, who was less than 30 years old at that time, has realized the financial freedom that many people have been striving for all their lives.

Moreover, at that time, he met his most important partner, Kitano studio. From then on, Jia Zhangke didnt have to worry about the investment of the film. From platform (2000) to Three Gorges good man (2006), Jia Zhangke produced one film every two years, each with a stable return.

However, he has always been alert to himself. Xiaowu was suddenly successful. At that time, someone asked him how to deal with the problems in various circles after he became famous. Jia Zhangke replied, I dont get involved in the so-called circles at all, and Im not interested in the enmity. [6

On the Baidu and Wikipedia pages of the documentary, there is a sentence: Jia Zhangke made a documentary film recording the changes of Shanghai for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. However, in his own interview, Jia Zhangke stressed: this is Jia Zhangkes work, an exhibit presented to the world at the World Expo. [7

In addition to a stable production and investment team, Jia also set up his own company to invest in films, make overseas distribution, and mediate the establishment of film festivals and art theatres. He is the founder of Pingyao International Film Festival and has been contributing to the establishment of domestic art theatres. Moreover, it almost succeeded.

There are not many people who are still shooting realistic subjects

At home, we can count the real themes, at least 10 years ago to find (I am not the God of medicine is also a);

In foreign countries, even masters like Ken Lodge, whose works Im black and Im sorry we missed you in the past few years, will be questioned by such a theme again and nothing new.

Cannes Palme dOr award winning film in 2016, but also controversial during its premiere / I am black

The investment of hero is 30 million US dollars. By 2006, the number of golden armour in the city has become 40 million US dollars. The other side of the growing volume of films is the relatively small number of independent films, which, in fact, are excluded from the cinema. Because there is no independent art theater in China.

The Golden Lion of Venice, the good man of the Three Gorges, was also released in 2006. This is Jia Zhangkes second film released in the mainland. At this time, he made a completely crazy decision in the eyes of outsiders: put Three Gorges good man and a city full of gold on the same schedule.

At that time, his producer said, Jia Zhangke, you are just using the domestic market box office to die. [8

Jia joked that it was a behavior art and not a normal business behavior. The overseas distribution of Three Gorges good man really gave him the backing to give up the mainland box office. But on the screen of the Centennial lecture hall of Peking University, he shouted, who cares about the good people in the golden age? and the confusion was true.

I dont think I have a thorough understanding of this environment without the simultaneous screening of Three Gorges good man and a city full of gold, he told freezing point in 2007 [6

In fact, Jia Zhangke began to prepare a commercial film in the Qing Dynasty in 2006. He did not exclude or dislike commercial films and commercial activities of films.

Even in 2015, when the old man of mountains and rivers was released in China, Jia Zhangke also sent a micro blog to plead with the cinema to keep the arrangement. [10

In this dispute with the golden armour in the city, what he wants to express most is that there should not be only one kind of movie in the cinema, but also the realistic theme movie with humanistic care, which can not be completely covered by commercial blockbusters.

At that time, I was a 21-year-old youth in Shanxi Province. I had read several novels and had some artistic basis. I was a follower of the sixth generation. I always took them as my teacher. A few years later, when people regarded the sixth generation as an incredible group, Don Quixote, as an anachronistic monster of this era, I smiled blankly. [11

At the same time or even earlier sixth generation with Jia Zhangke, many of them have stopped making films.

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