Happiness at your fingertips: Song Lin, who always sees through Lunas tricks, is a boyfriend worth having

 Happiness at your fingertips: Song Lin, who always sees through Lunas tricks, is a boyfriend worth having

Song Lin in happiness at your fingertips talks a little direct and a little mean. Even in the face of Zhou Fang, which he likes, he says some things seriously.

Of course, this kind of heavy is also a reasonable kind, or a kind of motivation, probably because he gradually understood the personality of Zhou Fang, so he deliberately stimulated her.

This kind of stimulation is also a help to Zhou Fang. After all, he understands that Zhou Fang values his career and dream and wants to push her.

After all, when pursuing a person, there are many people who can say sweet words and sweet words. When it comes to what they like or when it comes to your heart, it helps you to say something. Sometimes its hard not to please, but after the event, you may understand his real intention, and then you will be grateful again.

When he says good things, he is also good. Its not bad to talk about the sweetness and greasiness in the pursuit of action. It seems that the sweet and salty state makes people feel that Song Lin is very good as a boyfriend. After all, this is not a high-quality person that anyone can get and own.

For example, Luna, who wants to get Song Lin, doesnt stop for a moment. Unfortunately, although they fired two CPs and pretended to be male and female friends in front of outsiders for the sake of commercial effect, it was only a contract behind the scenes.

Song Lin likes it last week. Lunas first reaction is to go to Zhou Fang for a demonstration, saying that she is Song Lins girlfriend. But Song Lin explained to Zhou Fang early that Luna was not her girlfriend, so Luna took a lot of trouble.

But it also failed to stop Song Lins liking for Zhou Fang. For this reason, Luna took a step closer, pretending to be good at Zhou Fang, and brought her to the public.

He pretended to have work cooperation with her, and then he took the opportunity to recruit Zhou Fang as a blackguard, so that she could be scolded on the Internet as a person who destroys other peoples feelings, and become a person who participates with the help of background.

Afterwards, I rushed to explain to Song Lin that there are many people who can do this. You cant just doubt me. Im good to her, and you can see that Song Lin should be on the same line with her

All so clear was rejected, Luna still does not give up, always has something to say to Song Lin side. Its for him to say that she went back to the company. Song Lingxian said that she spoke beautifully in the interview, which was hypocrisy.

As soon as the words came out, song Lianlian was about to open up again. He said rudely, what does it have to do with me if you dont get what you want? Its a bit of a contractual spirit. Dont drag the boat.

How do you know that other peoples feelings are not love? I think its love. I think Song Lin can only sigh. I think I dont understand what I said to Luna. I cant help but get up and go.

Seeing Song Lins treatment of Luna, I have to say that he is a qualified and excellent boyfriend, who he likes, who he doesnt like, who he doesnt ambiguous, who he doesnt give opportunities to, or for the sake of interests.

Even if Luna says she doesnt want him to be responsible or care about the results, he sticks to her principles. Whats more, like it or not, his heart is also like a mirror. Luna, who looks bright, has some problems with her personality.

A sober, intelligent and rational person like Song Lin will not be confused by Luna. In other words, he is an upright person and will not fall in love with or like such people.

Zhou Fang and he are the same people. They are honest, frank, not humble or arrogant. They are open and aboveboard. They dont have intelligence, but they have to play smart. They are speechless at a glance.

With a boyfriend like this, you dont have to worry about being robbed or designed by a woman with a mind. They have clear rights and wrongs, clear love and hate, and clear boundaries. Even for girls, they also depend on their personalities rather than on their protectiveness or compassion.