Three post-90s confirmed cancer one after another, Li Lanjuan reminded: wake up! If you indulge yourself, you will die

 Three post-90s confirmed cancer one after another, Li Lanjuan reminded: wake up! If you indulge yourself, you will die

I just saw the news on Weibo, which made me feel sad.

Three post-90s cancer patients were diagnosed in Xixi hospital in Hangzhou

Jiangxi young men of the post-90s, Hangzhou girls of the post-90s and white-collar mothers of the post-90s were all sentenced to death penalty for working overtime, staying up late, eating irregularly, taking out every day, and not caring for their bodies, so good youth and beautiful love.

Life is just beginning, its going to end.

After the 90s, cancer and advanced stage, when these words are intertwined, suddenly there is a fear.

I dont know when, around or in the news, I often hear the news of post-90s cancer.

According to the National Cancer Data Report 2019, on average, more than 10000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day, that is to say, 7.5 people are diagnosed with cancer every minute, and 300000 young cancer patients are newly diagnosed every year.

A terrible fact is chilling: lust is destroying a generation.


Indulgence is the body, extravagance is the health

Not long ago, an 18-year-old girl in Shanghai was sent to ICU for rescue for 5 days because she was so addicted to milk tea that she spent more than 100 yuan to take out milk tea, coke and other sweet drinks every day.

After being admitted to hospital, the girls examination reports were almost all critical values marked in red, which had reached the point where her life was in danger.

Indulge your stomach, it will really kill you.

A video of pass youth on station B recently caught fire.

While shouting to lose weight, while eating and drinking as you wish; while shouting that you cant stay up late, you can brush dramas and play games before you go to bed;

While desperately using moxibustion paste, while continuing to Ge youlie..

The countless pain points in the video point directly to the current peoples various bad lifestyles, making countless people pierce their hearts.

Who reports that a persons lifestyle accounts for 60% of health factors.

Nowadays, city life is fast-paced, and there is a lot of competitive pressure. Many people work day and night, and their bodies are seriously overdrawn.

Always think that good health can be unbridled, but forget, health can not afford to waste.

Applying the most expensive mask and soaking in the thermos cup is not helpful.

Dont forget that the people who are taken away by the disease have the same young and powerful body as us.

Zweig said, when one is young, he always thinks that the God of disease and death will only visit others.

However, disease may be lurking around you.


Life is not a fluke, disease is not far from you

We owe those health debts sooner or later, never get away with nothing.

In fact, as early as August last year, Li Nan felt ill. Although several indicators were slightly higher after she went to the hospital for examination, she soon returned to normal and didnt pay attention.

In August 2019, Li Nan found ovarian cyst lesions in the hospital, and the doctor asked him to be hospitalized immediately, because he was reluctant to give up the opportunity of a drama performance, and because he was distressed by the cost of surgery, so he always delayed.

As she said: in Beijing, I am a woman of my age. I have no family and still rent a house. The key is still to work.

It said: I often think that if I had earlier examination and earlier surgery, it would be better, but life is not if, I choose to bear the result, this is life, this is destiny...

There is no accident in life, disease is not far away from you.

All inadvertently, sooner or later will be returned at a cost of tens of millions of times.

Staying up late, no matter how long, just pretended to seize the time.

Take good care of your body. In front of your health, there is nothing to do. Its worth fighting with your life.


Health for tomorrow is the biggest lie

Because of frequent dysmenorrhea, he was sent to the hospital after nearly fainting.

In her hospital bed, she reviewed her year:

In this whole year, I almost didnt fall asleep that day. Staying up late at one or two or even three oclock is my routine. It seems that I will never be able to put down my mobile phone, turn off my computer or lose my work.

As the speech said, life has no if, only results and consequences!

Who will arrive first tomorrow or the accident? No one knows.

On station B, 24-year-old girl Kafka muffin Jun took a selfie. In class, she suddenly wanted to cough. After coughing, she found that paper towels and her hands were full of blood! Only three days later, the girl was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

After her illness, she lived a life she had never thought of before. Every day, she watched TV dramas, brushed her mobile phone, and was in a daze.

In fact, everything is traceable. In the past few years, there have been intensive courses, heavy homework, and several part-time jobs, participating in the project operation of international institutions

Schopenhauer said: the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to exchange health for other things.


Health is expensive, dont waste it

What is the most expensive thing in life? healthy.

However, people often have a serious illness and face death in order to fully understand what a healthy body means to themselves.

There is a cause for all results.

As the survivors memoir once wrote, we waste our health to win our wealth, and then we waste our wealth to rebuild our health.

It seems like a busy life. In the end, its nothing.

A few days ago, I watched a video of challenge 31 days to go to bed early and get up early.

So she made up her mind to go to bed early and get up early. She punched in her micro blog and promised to send 100 yuan red envelopes to her fans as long as she failed to do so in one day.

For a whole month, she went to bed on time and clocked in before 8 oclock every day.

When you despise the disease, it will show you the color.

When you pay attention to the disease, it will be kind to you.

People live for a lifetime, plants for an autumn. The sun rises and falls, and the sun sets and rests.

Let it be, dont stay up late, dont indulge, eat and sleep on time, this kind of life is the most real.


A little more time, love yourself.

Dont wait to lie in the hospital bed to realize that indulgence is harmful to you;

Dont wait for the countdown of life to regret too much.

There are so many worthy things in the world. Good health is the greatest skill.