Nezha subdues the demons is getting better. Jiang Yiyi kills the demons and gets the magic weapon

 Nezha subdues the demons is getting better. Jiang Yiyi kills the demons and gets the magic weapon

In the first week of the show, the hidden identity of the Snake Lady is explained as the daughter of the demon emperor, which also explains the reason why she is suddenly against the Dragon King of the East China Sea. Another important story line shows why Nezha helped Xiaolongnv to get rid of the siege. It turns out that little Nezha and little dragon girl had a dramatic acquaintance when they were young. The two cute children joined hands to study in Kunlun immortals Academy and became classmates. However, little Nezha was limited by his mortal identity and his talent was limited. Little Dragon Girl and little moang encouraged him all the time, and the three of them made a deep friendship. Life is calm and tranquil, but the immortal Hall of Kunlun suddenly changes, and the demon star is about to emerge. More and more people appear in the arena, more forces are involved in the battle between the good and the evil, and the opposite situation is increasingly clear.

Cute baby, adorable and adored, Nezhas little dragon girl comes out frequently

With the in-depth development of the story, more and more charming characters came on the stage. The cute little Nezha and the cute little dragon girl captured the hearts of the audience once they appeared. Cute and skillful, the little actors who play the two frogs have a smart expression and a little pride in their expression, which makes a bad little goblin live.

The audience, immersed in the passion for the play, saw the cute children chanting the children are super cute, they love alalei so much, the little dragon girls casting is really excellent, innocent and a little weird with elves; A large number of netizens saw the broadcast of the story of Nezha subduing the demons and exclaimed that this play has awakened my childhood memory. All kinds of interesting reactions can feel the full recognition of the audience for this play.

Last weeks plot developed at a high speed. The demon star covered the sun and the sky was clear. Dugu and erha stole the magic gold token of Xiaolongnv and got the seven colored jewels in and out of the border. Nezha and Xiaolongnv fought with the fire dragon emissary who didnt know the truth in order to catch up with the golden water token and enter Yunxian cave. Dugu and two frogs help the demon emperor to see the sky again when they are unprepared. And the long sleeping jade fairy wheel will fly into Nezhas body and be taken over by him. However, because the jade fairy wheel has not been refined, Nezha and other teachers and students of the fairy hall cannot resist the wanton attack of the demon family, so the fairy hall can only be temporarily closed. Back home, Nezha and Xiaolongnv, moang found Shangding village, a treasure land of geomancy, according to the tips of immortal Taiyi

From the notice, it can be seen that Nezhas trip was not peaceful. What happened to Shangding village? Who was the mysterious person attacking the village? What happened to the three people who killed the demons?

Source: Chen Shaojie, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ b6952