Husband and wife set up a stall to earn 90000 yuan a month: dont take amateurs to insult people who eat by their ability

 Husband and wife set up a stall to earn 90000 yuan a month: dont take amateurs to insult people who eat by their ability

A few days ago, I saw tiktok accidentally. A couple in Jinan was selling beef sandwiched with steamed bread.

They only sell for three hours a day, and when theyre done, they close the stall. They cant eat when theyre late.

Every time a stall, customers began to line up, just like a network of red stalls.

The secret of popularity lies in the taste and quantity of beef bun.

A large pot of stewed beef is freshly slaughtered, not frozen.

The bun is also kneaded by the owners wife on the spot, and then baked on the oven till golden and crisp.

The couples monthly income can reach 90000 just by selling beef bun. Even if the cost is deducted, the money they make is very considerable.

And they have a lot of repeat customers, because the taste is so good, and even from other places, some of them have directly booked 100.

The monthly income of 90000 is no more than the social animal fragrance of those who enter and leave 5A office buildings every day and make PPT in the companys lattice?

The post-90s set up a stall to sell baked gluten. They lost 20 jin in two months and earned 70000

So many people are ready to move and follow the trend, but the style of their stall is often like this:

After a days stall, I didnt sell any of the things. Instead, I paid 100 yuan to buy snacks from other stalls.

People set up stalls to earn money, and you can support the whole market by setting up stalls.

Those who are purely following the trend and playing with tickets should not take your spare time to insult those who eat with their true abilities.


In Zhihu, I have read such a hot post: graduate income is better than selling Malatang, what to do if I am confused?

A respondent named Mato wrote a long article and got 26000 praise.

He said: selling Malatang is not a matter of not having to suffer, but a real skill.

Every day at three or four oclock in the morning to load the goods, go back to the house to sleep and start packing the ingredients. Make Aodi soup as the base material, string a piece of fish tofu and meatballs into a string, and then fill all kinds of small materials. Cut the coriander, onion, ginger and garlic, then fix the coal fire, and prepare for the best passenger flow. You think thats enough? Its a long way from here. Its human essence that can survive in every small business. They also plan territory to grab tourists. They worship the wharf and recognize the boss. The competition is fierce. All the soldiers left are soldiers. When you set up the stall, there are excellent guests and all kinds of emergencies waiting for you to deal with. The bad things are endless. Its not easy to finish work at night and go home. We have to calculate the running profit and get the first-hand price information.

So, dont look down on those who sell spicy hot food from a high perspective. They are much better than you think.

There are endless people in the world who overestimate themselves, especially many white-collar workers sitting in the office, always have a kind of illusory sense of superiority.

However, if you see those who paint for people on the overpass, sell pancakes and fruits on the roadside and barbecue in the night market... Dont underestimate them.

How many people make money that others cant through their own skills.


After taking the seat, I first served a soup, one bowl for one person.

After drinking, Liu run exclaimed, my God! Its too good to drink!

The second generation of successors ignored him completely and turned to the gourmet master Fu.

In winter, you can change olives into black garlic, which will change from fragrance to warm and fragrant feeling.

Mr. Liu run took another sip, and if so, all of a sudden, the flavor would be gone, and the taste would be better if it were richer.

Later, master Fu put forward very reliable suggestions one by one:

Mr. Liu run lamented that he used to call himself a gourmet and have confidence in his tongue.

It wasnt until he met a real expert that he realized that he was just a uneducated eater.

Before, I had the idea of eating and opening a restaurant. How naive.

This is the difference between amateur and professional. Like the core idea in the book the alien:

10000 hours of deliberate practice is a necessary condition for anyone to become a master from the ordinary.

People are professional because they spend unimaginable time, energy and cost on one thing.

The couple selling beef and steamed buns, the hot pot stall owner with higher income than the graduate students, and the gourmet who can taste the University from a simple bowl of soup

All of them have done their best in their own fields and have made great efforts to achieve a single point of perfection.

By contrast, who can only fish for three days and bask in the net for two days, what is the qualification to despise others success?


In management, there is a denimos law, which means:

That is to say, everyone, everything, has a most suitable position. In this position, can play the biggest role.

u2460 Accurate positioning and ability discovery.

Zhu Deyong, a cartoonist, has been slow to respond to words since childhood, but sensitive to graphics, and likes painting very much.

He painted in school and at home. The blank places in books and homework books were full of graffiti.

Although his academic performance is not very ideal, his level of painting is increasing day by day.

Later, the media found him and opened a comic column for him. He found his own advantages and became a cartoonist.

His works, such as double cannon, astringent girl and vinegar people, have gained a lot of love and praise.

In this era, only those who follow the professionalism can survive and develop.

Therefore, we must find our own advantages, that is, the things we are good at and others do painstakingly.

Only by strengthening self-awareness and objectively evaluating their own advantages and disadvantages can we find our own track as soon as possible.

Blogger Xia Sirui once admired a taxi driver.

They thought it was a prop, but the driver turned on the monitor and stereo again, and asked them to sing in the car.

Only difference and uniqueness can bring scarcity and non substitutability and core competitiveness.

There are two ways to make yourself irreplaceable: one is to do something that others cant or dont want to do, and the other is to do something that everyone can do well.

If you are able to do what you are doing now, can you think about whether you are attentive enough?

The real strong, do not expect to have the best card, but even if you get a pair of bad cards, you can play well.

Han Han once said, it is not common to do all ordinary things well, and it is not simple to do all simple things well.

Encourage all.