IOS 14 release: new main screen design, widget / picture in picture coming

 IOS 14 release: new main screen design, widget / picture in picture coming

IOS 14 adds new features. The component function supports dragging components to the main screen, and supports intelligent overlay (more flexible desktop components, APP resource base can automatically organize apps). At the same time, intelligent overlay not only changes the inherent design of the main screen design, but also supports the overlay of panel functions.

The shape and size of the widget are different. The widget in IOS 13 is selected in the negative screen, while IOS 14 supports bringing the widget function into the main screen (which appears in the main screen together with other apps); the widget function supports the users customization; because of the addition of the widget function, the layout of the interface is more free. At the same time, Apple has added the smart overlay function in IOS 14, which can Automatically display related apps based on the time of day.

Apple brings the function of picture in picture into IOS 14, which can make the video stay on the screen and support full screen playback or zooming.

Ios14 has added a new translation software called translate, which supports text translation and real-time voice translation. It supports English, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian. It allows users to perform real-time translation and full offline translation. The side-by-side view in the translation application allows two people to use two different views Talk to your language.

Automatically organize applications into new groups and lists. With the new app repository view, apple now allows users to hide applications on their home screens. It looks very similar to Androids application drawer, but it has some other intelligent grouping functions, such as automatically extracting all applearcade games in batches.

Siri smart assistant believes that iPhone users will not be unfamiliar, Siri will no longer occupy the full screen, and it will be more convenient to view information than before; Siri has supported sending recording since this year, adding neural network to the keyboard dictation function, and expanding the support of new languages.

Although IMessage is not widely used by domestic users, it is still the preferred instant messaging software for many overseas iPhone users. With the introduction of list specifying function, memoji is further updated, group function is added to reply to specific information, and group visual image can be customized.

Applemaps is rebuilt, navigation function is updated, and details are richer. At the same time, guide function and riding guide options are introduced. It also supports electric vehicle guidance function, and new functions such as congestion display are added.

Carplay has added new wallpaper and digital car key functions, which can be used by iPhone users to unlock the door and drive.

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