Huang Jingyu: a frank life

 Huang Jingyu: a frank life

Everyone said that Huang Jingyu had a serious face, but he had gentle tiger teeth when he smiled, which made people feel fresh and not greasy. As a genuine northeast silver, he will use his honey Dandong accent to throw away all kinds of humorous obstacles in conversation, and show his open mind and magnanimity in every move. Born as a model, he has a long stature and delicate facial features. He can always easily interact with the camera lens in front of the camera lens. After the camera lens, he can calmly do the most real himself - do what he thinks is right, say what he wants to say, and dont pay too much attention to other peoples eyesight. As he said, flowers and dirty water, I can catch them, just want to make life not afraid of regret No regrets . Some netizens commented that there are very clean things in Huang Jingyus temperament, which is different from the delicacy of flow stars. He is a little rough, and this rough is also adored as clean and precious. Maybe it all comes from his reality!

Masculine and tough, gentle as the sea

Jujitsu master is a distinct label of Huang Jingyu, and he has appeared on the screen many times as a tough guy. However, his iron powder firmly believes that the real huangjingyu is the deep sea. Just because of his masculine appearance, he hides a soft heart and holds the sea: I am deeply immersed in the blue sky and the sea. I shoot at the seaside every day. After that, I still run to the seaside to sit in the dark, no haze, no WiFi, and can be relied on by the sea, which is the best life... And the broad sea in his heart also gives him more softness: He will put his family first. As a man, such a wide shoulder is not used to wear clothes, but to shoulder responsibilities. he will tell fans to save money, buy some small gifts for parents and take care of yourself. he will try to make the world better, such as donating all the proceeds of his first work, Zehai whale, to poverty-stricken student programs and environmental protection Public welfare projects

In a previous program, the host asked Huang Jingyu to Amway himself. He said, my name is Huang Jingyu. You may know me later. Now, he has conquered everyone with his acting talent and continuous efforts. We also believe that more people will know him in the future!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020