See you later! WWDC forecast: IOS 14 update, new computer with arm

 See you later! WWDC forecast: IOS 14 update, new computer with arm

Apple usually uses a lot of space to report new information about IOS system at the global Developers Conference. After all, most of the 1.5 billion active Apple devices are equipped with IOS system. For the first time in years, apple is ready to change some of its basic IOS experiences.

New application list: in the updated IOS system, the classic layout of application grid will not disappear, but it is reported that users will see the list of installed applications on the device, which can classify applications, so as to find applications with unread notifications more quickly.

Figure: list of new applications in IOS 14

Mobile desktop widget: IOS 14 is also reported to introduce features similar to the mobile widget in Android system. The desktop widget that IOS 14 will add can move freely on the main screen like an application icon. In fact, apple added fixed widgets to its iPad OS 13, which was released last year, but IOS 14 allows users to put them wherever they want.

Set the default app: earlier this year, it was reported that Apple was considering changing the default app that allows users to do things like email and browsing to a third-party app, not just Apple email and safari. The move will be good news for Apples top users, but if so, it is likely that apple is facing increasing antitrust scrutiny in the US and the EU.

Augmented reality applications: some reports also pointed out that Apple will release an augmented reality application named Gobi this year. When scanning the QR code developed by apple, the application will display the corresponding information. According to reports, apple and brands such as Starbucks have conducted early trials, one of which is to let users join the Starbucks membership program. In addition, an important update on the find app will allow users to use augmented reality to help find lost devices.

New fitness app: Apple may also launch a new fitness app that can download videos to guide fitness and help users exercise at home, which may take the revenue from services such as peloton and Nike training club.

Carkey function: in 2020, users may be able to unlock the car with iPhone or apple watch. The code for the carkey function has appeared in the latest version of IOS 13, which means that the corresponding function will be implemented when IOS 14 is released later this year. A leaked IOS 14 system code shows that BMW will be the first car manufacturer to adopt the carkey function.

Ipados update:

Apples IOS system is the foundation of iPad OS, so many of the above additional functions will also be applied to the companys tablet operating system. New Mac style cursors appear in the leaked IOS 14 code, which means that users who want to use the iPad through the mouse or touch pad may get a more desktop like experience. To achieve a more traditional sense of computer use, the iPad OS also supports new touch pad gestures, such as right clicking with two fingers.

Apples smart stylus will also become more flexible with the new pencilkit framework. There are rumors that the iPad OS 14 will allow users to use Apples stylus to write in any text. The iPad OS recognizes the users handwriting and converts it to traditional text, as Samsung Galaxy note does.

If Apple is as usual, install a preview of the system update shortly after the developer conference keynote.

Although it is not as influential as the IOS 14 system update, apple watchs watchos 7 system will also be a major upgrade. Watchos7 is expected to introduce new dials based on flag elements from around the world, and new features such as kids mode will allow parents to use an iPhone to manage their childrens apple watches. With child mode, parents have full control over the apps, components, contacts, and music their children use all day.

In addition, the watchos7 update adds a number of health-related features. After years of waiting, this update is expected to provide sleep tracking function and a tool to measure the users blood oxygen level. In addition, apple watchs ECG function will be more accurate.

Switch to arm processor

Of course, the biggest news about Apples hardware is that Apple may switch to an arm processor. This will also be Apples first major architecture transition since it officially switched from a long-running PowerPC chip to an Intel multi-core CPU in early 2006. Apple and Intel seem to have worked well together, but the timing and computing performance of the new Mac is not entirely in Apples hands. Turning to arm processor can solve all these problems.

Judging from the processing speed of the a12x and a12z chips on Apples iPad pro, the performance of the arm processor does not seem to be an issue. But if Apple really wants to switch all MAC computers to ARM processors, it still needs to give developers time to adjust. For developers, the apple global developers conference will be the first opportunity to assess the difficulty of running Mac OS applications on ARM processors. The best case scenario is to do just a few tweaks and recompilations. In the worst case scenario, the process was so difficult that the release of a new version of the application was severely delayed.

Its still unclear what tools and support Apple will offer. But we can be sure that this kind of change will not happen quietly overnight. This kind of change and the result will be made public.

other aspects

There are also a number of new products expected to appear at this years apple global Developers Conference.

Airtag, a Bluetooth tracking device, appears for the first time in an earlier version of ios13 code. If Apple allows people to locate more than airpods, mobile phones and computers, airtag, a Bluetooth tracking device, could appear at the conference, as apple expects to explore the augmented reality capabilities of find applications.

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report_ NT2541