The fraud is refurbished again! 70 thousand of the Alipay in the girl after the express phone call

 The fraud is refurbished again! 70 thousand of the Alipay in the girl after the express phone call

Girl after the express telephone

Alipays 70 thousand suddenly disappeared

The most terrible trick in the world, apart from the cleverness of the trick itself, is the timing of its appearance, which makes you jump in without much thought.

Although there was no danger at all, Ronaldinho still had a lingering fear. Really only a little bit, almost 70 thousand yuan in the account left her.

Girl Ronaldinho is 28 years old and has been working in Haining, Zhejiang for 3 years.

Network data map

But when Ronaldinho was about to call the express company, a phone call came in.

The other party claims logistics after sale

After filling in the information, you can apply for three times the compensation

I am the quick after sale service, I am sorry to tell you that your express has been verified by us, it has been lost, do you see, are we three for you, or the original?

Ronaldinho chose a compensation three, followed by the other partys request, plus after-sales service WeChat.

Then the other side sent a link to the Alipay claims agreement. But this time, it shows double claims, rather than three times the claim on the phone.

Ronaldinho did not double or double three times. The interface prompts need real name authentication, and Ronaldinho has completed his ID card number, name and other information.

The last step is to fill in the verifying code

She suddenly realized that it was wrong.

But when Ronaldinho completed the relevant information and entered the final step to fill in the verification code, she suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Why does the other person want my verification code? Ive checked the code and I dont take the money in my Alipay. Xiao Luo thought.

Seeing that Ronaldo did not submit, after-sales service on the phone to rush continuously, Ronaldo began to take a postponement tactics, said he was going to work, evening again. But the other side is still reluctant to let WeChat send information to Ronaldinho.

She landed in Alipay again

Nearly 70 thousand yuan in the account

At this time, Xiao Luo again log in his Alipay, unexpectedly found the 69800 yuan inside the balance is missing!

Xiao Luo is discolored. She decided that the other side must be a cheater, so she pulled the other side black, but soon there was a strange number coming in, Xiao Luo hung directly, and immediately dialed the phone of the community police.

The disappearing money was transferred to the purse

The other person kept on the phone and harassed

At that time, Zhu Guozhong, a policeman, was on duty at the police station. After receiving the call, he said to Xiao Luo, dont worry, come to our police station immediately!

Around 3:50 p.m., Ronaldinho arrived at the police station. After knowing the situation, the police decided to be a communication network fraud case. The police also quickly started the stop mechanism.

Damn, I went to the police station. They were still calling me. It was too wild! Xiao Luo said.

Through the inquiry payment record, the police found that Xiao Luos money was transferred to a small purse under the account to hide, the money has not been transferred to the criminals!

Subsequently, the police let Xiao Luo reset the Alipay password, and the 69800 yuan in the small purse to the balance inside, the money back!

The 27 morning, the courier of Xiao Luo also arrived.

Although the deceivers plot did not succeed in the end, his tactics still make people ponder over the horror that 70,000 yuan would have been cheated if they hadnt thought more!

What is this on earth?

Originally, the front Xiao Luo in filling out a series of personal information, the criminal has already mastered part of the personal information of Xiao Luo Alipay through the background, although not submitted, but by obtaining the password, logon to Xiao Luos Alipay, and opened the small purse function, the money transferred to the small purse. Hid it.

Because the criminals have not yet mastered the password and verification code of Alipays payment, the money is still unable to be transferred, so the criminals have to keep calling Xiao Luo to send information in order to get into the next ring of fraud.

If Xiao Luo is not aware of the fraud, then the next scenario is generally like this: once Xiao Luo logs in to Alipay, it will panic and then operate on the other sides instructions, and the other person will take the opportunity to transfer the money to a safe account they offer or take advantage of it. The machine takes the payment code and verification code of Ronaldinho. This time, Ronaldinhos money was really cheated away.

And why the liar will call the right place at this time will be further investigated.

How to guard against communication network fraud

Prevention of communication network fraud eight all and six unities:

Be vigilant [eight]! No matter what information is received, it is false information fraud if it involves the following eight contents.

1. The remittance is required to be claimed by public inspection law;

2, all call you remittance to security account;

3, you must pay the money if you notify the winner or receive the subsidy.

4, all the family members to notify the first remittance;

5, anyone who asks for personal bank card information on the phone.

6, all call you open the net silver to accept the inspection;

7. Any self-proclaimed leader (boss) requests remittance;

8, any strange website (link) to register the bank card information.

[six] police remind the police: in this world of mobile phone, please remember and tell the relatives and friends of the following six law: 1, answer the phone, meet strangers, as long as a bank card, all hanging off; 2, as long as a mention of the award, all down; 3, as long as the telephone transfer to the Public Security Bureau, the court 4, all messages, but let me click the link, all the delete; 5, WeChat do not know the link, no point; 6, a reference to the security account is a fraud! Source: the editor of the Southern Metropolis Daily: Qiao Jing _NN6607

[six] the police reminded that in the world where the cell phone is not far away, please remember and tell your friends and relatives the following six rules:

1, answer the phone, meet strangers, whenever you talk about bank cards, all hang up.

2, as long as the first prize is mentioned, it will be hung out.

4, all SMS, let me click on the link, will be deleted.

5, the links sent by people who do not know WeChat will not be linked.

6, the mention of safety accounts is all fraud.