The list of the third batch of national purchasing varieties with volume outflow of well-known drugs tumor drugs shortlisted

 The list of the third batch of national purchasing varieties with volume outflow of well-known drugs tumor drugs shortlisted

In the previous meeting, the National Health Insurance Bureau said that impurities in Apis would not be considered in this round of centralized procurement. This basically points to metformin, which has been listed in the second round of centralized mining. It is reported that the product was lost in the final list due to impurity problems at that time, while this time it was shortlisted in the third batch, including three specifications of sustained-release and controlled-release dosage forms and metformin sustained-release tablets. In addition, valsartan, which is also involved in impurity waves, was also shortlisted in this list.

In addition, apixaban, omeprazole, two male ed drugs, sildenafil and dapoxetine, which were originally developed by Pfizer / Bristol Myers Squibb, were also included in the catalogue. The volume purchase will also collect three mainstream ed drugs, sildenafil, Tadanafil and dapoxetine, which can be called a mans gospel.

Some well-known varieties, such as celecoxib, tofatib, non Brescia, lamivudine, memantine, pivastatin, tegrarol, viggliptin and levetiracetam, were also selected. In the second batch, the standard sodium bicarbonate also appeared in the third batch In the catalog.

It is worth noting that the original lamivudine, which was determined to be GlaxoSmithKlines heptadine, has won Chinas rights and interests by Fosun Pharmaceutical in 2019; the competition on this variety will also be more fierce, and Fosun Pharmaceuticals another heavy rheumatic product, non Brest, has also been selected into the catalogue, which will bring great pressure to it; the selection of vigletin also marks the official entry of DPP-4 diabetes drugs into the collection Scope, which also means that other DPP-4 drugs such as cigliptin may continue to be shortlisted in the post sequel collection, and in the recent industry news that Novartis China disbands the sales team of viggliptin, it is also worth noting whether Novartis will substantially reduce price competition in the negotiation.

According to the document, public medical and health institutions at all levels and military medical institutions are required to fill in the data, and non-public medical institutions designated by medical insurance and retail pharmacies are encouraged to fill in the data voluntarily and truthfully. It is required to complete the final data filling before the end of work on July 1, and the municipal and state medical insurance departments must complete the data auditing within their jurisdiction before the end of work on July 3.

At the same time, the document emphasizes that the reported data directly affects the remaining funds of medical institutions and requires relevant medical institutions to report the amount truthfully.

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