The UAE League announced the cancellation of 18 countries suspension of this seasons Football League

 The UAE League announced the cancellation of 18 countries suspension of this seasons Football League

This is only an example, of course, but once it appears many times or repeatedly, the League seems to have lost its original meaning. Therefore, in the case of various uncertain factors, it seems that it is a wise choice to terminate the league. From the current global situation, Africas football industry may have low efficiency and management level. Of course, whats more important is that the health conditions, such as epidemic prevention and anti epidemic, are not high or good, so it is currently the region with the most League cancellations. According to statistics, as of June 20, 10 African countries and regions have announced the cancellation of their national or regional leagues.

If someone takes the lead, someone will follow. After the Mauritius Football Association decided to cancel the league, three other African countries immediately followed. The Portuguese speaking Football Association of Angola immediately announced the cancellation of the league, and there was no championship and no promotion. After that, the Guinean Football Association adopted the same approach as Mauritius, Angola and other football associations. After that, the Kenya Football Association announced the cancellation of the league with the same reason and reason, and there was no championship and no promotion. By the middle of April, the Equatorial Guinea Football Association also announced the cancellation of the league, and there was no championship or promotion. However, when the Guinean Football Association announced the cancellation of the league, it made a special explanation for the number of participants in the next years African Club Champions League and the African Football Association Cup. The League results of the previous season, 2018-19, were taken as the basis.

When Congo Football Association announced the cancellation of this seasons League, it was different from the situation of some African countries which had previously cancelled the league. It directly declared otoho as the League champion, because there are four rounds left in the whole league, but the team led the table with 12 points advantage, but cancelled the promotion and demotion. Ethiopias Football Association announced the cancellation of this seasons League, but also decided not to send teams to next seasons African Club Champions League and non FIFA cup.

After that, the Libyan Football Association and Burkina Faso Football Association all announced the cancellation of this seasons League, and there was no championship or promotion. At the same time, the Liberian Football Association announced that it will send teams to participate in the 2020 African club events to continue to participate in the 2021 African club events, while the Burkina Faso Football Association directly announced that Rahim FC and salitas, the top ranked teams on the scoreboard, will participate in the African champions league and the non FIFA cup respectively.

u2461 Cancellation of disputes in Europe and America directly leads to lawsuits

In contrast, because the domestic fans are not very concerned about the situation of African football, but more concerned about the European and American leagues, it is also the cancellation of the leagues. Perhaps the disputes caused by the cancellation of European and American countries make Chinese fans more interested, while African football has hardly caused any waves. Moreover, after many countries in Europe and the United States announced the cancellation of the league, their decision directly triggered lawsuits.

In the European mainland, Belgium is the first country to announce the cancellation of the 2019-20 season league, and also announced Bruges club as the League champion, which caused many dissatisfaction of Belgian domestic clubs and fans. Even UEFA has to say that it is possible to prohibit Belgian clubs from participating in next seasons European club games. When the Belgian League is suspended, Bruges is at the top of the table with 15 points, and the regular season will be over. According to the competition rules of the Belgian League, the top six teams in the table will participate in the playoffs. But before the playoffs, the Belgian Football Association announced the championship directly, which certainly caused dissatisfaction.

In France, due to the announcement by Prime Minister Philippe of France that prior and other professional sports events or activities will be banned before September this year, the French professional league can only vote to cancel this seasons French league, while the leading Paris Saint Germain team will be directly declared Champion (calculated by average score). Before the suspension of the league, the team scored 68 points, 12 points ahead of Marseille. At the same time, when the professional league voted, it was also decided that the promotion and demotion system of Ligue A and Ligue B this season would still be maintained, but only limited to two places and no additional games involving the third place would be held. This means that the last two teams in the French championship, Amiens and Toulouse, will be demoted directly, while the French champion Lorient and the second team, lance, will be promoted directly. This decision directly triggered a lawsuit. Lyon, Amiens and Toulouse appealed against the decision of the Professional Union. After being rejected by a court in Paris, the lawsuit raised an objection to the State Department of the French Supreme Administrative Court.

In the Netherlands, after the Prime Minister of the Netherlands announced that he was also affected by the epidemic and could not resume the football match before September, the Dutch football association decided to cancel this seasons League. Although it did not determine the league title, it announced that the first Ajax team would get the only automatic promotion place in the European Champions League next season. This caused the strong dissatisfaction of AZ Alkmaar, the second ranked team, because there are still nine games left in the whole league, AJAX has exactly the same points with Alkmaar, just because of the difference of net winning goal, so Ajax can directly promote, Alkmaar club should be reluctant. Therefore, the latter wrote to UEFA, asking for the resolution of the Dutch football association to be overturned.

u2462 There are different reasons for cancellation in three Asian countries

For another example, the normal Committee of the Iraqi Football Association announced on June 3 that all the leagues in Iraq in 2019-20 season will be cancelled, and all the matches before the outbreak will be cancelled. Meanwhile, the leagues in 2020-21 season will be fully launched on September 10. It was a decision made in the absence of an agreement with the club and with respect for the clubs views, he said. At present, the epidemic situation in Iraq is still severe, but the more important problem is probably that after all members of the Executive Committee of the Iraqi Football Association announced their collective resignation in January this year due to scandal, the whole Iraqi Football Association is in great confusion, and it is difficult for all parties to reach a consensus. Therefore, in the name of the epidemic, it was cancelled directly.

As we all know, affected by the epidemic situation, football matches around the world have been greatly impacted, and players contracts have also encountered new problems. Under normal circumstances, the contracts signed by players and clubs are usually until the end of June. In view of the special situation of the current epidemic, FIFA has previously issued relevant regulations, allowing the club to automatically extend the contract period to complete the season league delayed by the epidemic. However, if the league is restarted, teams are not allowed to send new players to complete the original season. The reality is: affected by the epidemic, after the suspension of the UAE League, many clubs, in order to save costs and expenses, have terminated contracts with many players whose contracts are about to expire, and began to prepare for the new season and sign new players. After the UAE Football Association decided to restart the 2019-20 season league, due to the relevant policies issued by FIFA, many UAE clubs are embarrassed, because the original players have been terminated and can no longer represent the team; and the newly signed players can not represent the club in the last season. The parties argued, so they could only choose to cancel it.

Next, will there be any cancellation of the national or regional leagues? At present, Im afraid no one can give a clear statement. After all, the epidemic is still an uncontrollable factor at this stage.

Attachment: 18 countries and regions in the world that cancel the league matches

1. Mauritius: no champion

2. Equatorial Guinea: no champion

3. Angola: no champion

4. Guinea: no champion

6. Niger: no champion

7. Congo: announce the championship and cancel the demotion

8. Burkina Faso: no champion

9. Ethiopia: no champion

13. France: declared champion

14. El Salvador: declared champion

16. Lebanon: no champion

17. Iraq: no champion

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