Ju Jingyi: growing up with fans these years

 Ju Jingyi: growing up with fans these years

Netease Entertainment: do you have some special hobbies after living alone?

Ju Jingyi: take the initiative, because my mother urges me to soak at home.

Netease Entertainment: n benefits of living alone in your own way!

Ju Jingyi: its very relaxing. For example, when you are at home, your parents may always urge you to get up, for example, to urge you to have breakfast, but breakfast is still the right thing to eat, that is, they will urge you, but you can have your own biological clock if you live your own life.

Netease Entertainment: do you have an exclusive way to eliminate loneliness after you start living alone? Is there any confusion at home alone?

Ju Jingyi: just go out and find friends again. Its not lonely!

NetEase Entertainment: have fans come to see you with their children before, and whats the feeling of growing up with fans in these years?

Netease Entertainment: previously, fans joked that Ju Jingyi can do anything but play games and cook, giving you a chance to prove it for yourself, right?

Ju Jingyi: I can do it now!

Netease Entertainment: play games with others or with the type of fly? If you meet your fans in the game, will you?

Netease Entertainment: can you release water?

Netease Entertainment: if you can become a boy for a day, what do you want to do most?

Ju Jingyi: just feel the charm of being a boy. One day, you may just enjoy it and appreciate the handsome face.

Netease Entertainment: if you have the chance to play a vicious girl, what would you say about it?

Ju Jingyi: Wow, thats cool! I just want to play the villain Girl 2. I think its like this, but I dont know how you are. I think its cool and handsome.

Netease Entertainment: what is the most common way to greet a female star?

Netease Entertainment: wont you say youre thin again?

Ju Jingyi: its too polite and artificial.

Netease Entertainment: can I share three guide to living alone for single girls?

Ju Jingyi: pay attention to safety, and then love life and expect life.