Ma Huatengs fortune soared only 3 months after Tencents market value increased by one millet + meituan

 Ma Huatengs fortune soared only 3 months after Tencents market value increased by one millet + meituan

This means that since the end of March this year, Tencents share price has soared over 46%, with a net market value increase of 1.4 trillion, or US $182.2 billion,

It is equivalent to adding a meituan + millet volume.

As Tencents share price soared, so did Ma Huatengs fortune,

At present, Ma Huateng has a fortune of 52.8 billion US dollars (about 373.6 billion yuan), nearly 7 billion US dollars more than Huang Zheng, the second place.

At the same time, Ma Huatengs family soared 1.4 billion US dollars (nearly 10 billion yuan) a day,

Chinas richest man ranks 18th in the world.

Three games made 3 billion yuan in May

According to the intelligence data of sensor tower store, in May 2020, Tencents pubgmobile and peace elite attracted more than 226 million US dollars (nearly 1.6 billion yuan), an increase of 41% over the same period last year, ranking the top of the best-selling list of mobile games in the world.

Glory of the king and its overseas edition ranked second with a revenue of 204 million US dollars (over 1.4 billion yuan), up 42% year-on-year.

That is to say, these three games brought over 3 billion yuan of revenue to Tencent in May.

The first quarters revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan

Before that, Tencent released a very eye-catching quarterly report. The essence is as follows:

According to the report, Tencents revenue in 2020 is 108.065 billion, up 26% year on year; its net profit (non IFRS) is 27.079 billion, up 29% year on year, higher than the market expectation.

2. In the first quarter, online advertising revenue reached 17.71 billion yuan, up 32% year on year

Among them, social and other advertising revenue increased by 47% to 14.592 billion yuan. This growth mainly reflects the increase of advertising revenue brought by the increase of advertising inventory and exposure of our mobile advertising alliance and wechat friend circle.

In addition, media advertising revenue dropped 10% to RMB 3.121 billion. The decrease is mainly due to the weak macroeconomic situation and the suspension of sports events, resulting in a decrease in advertising revenue of video and news platforms.

3. Social network revenue increased by 23% to RMB 25.131 billion

The increase is mainly due to the increase in the revenue contribution of digital content services such as the sale of game virtual props and the subscription of music / video streaming media.

4. First quarter revenue of financial technology and enterprise services increased by 22% year on year to RMB 26.475 billion

This growth is mainly due to the increase in revenue from commercial payment and financial management platforms, as well as the increase in cloud business revenue from seizing opportunities in the video, education and retail industries. According to the financial report, affected by the epidemic, the project delivery and new customer acquisition of cloud business were delayed, resulting in a decline in revenue on a month basis. However, Tencent conference still has outstanding performance. In March 2020, Tencent launched its international version of voovmeeting, with the number of users of the international version growing six times.

5. Wechat monthly activity exceeds 1.2 billion

Wechat and wechat combined monthly active accounts of 1.2025 billion, up 8.2% year on year, driving the rapid growth of small program users, with daily active accounts of more than 400 million.

The number of QQ intelligent terminal monthly active accounts was 693.5 million, down 1% from the same period last year.

The number of paid value-added service registered accounts was 197.4 million, up 19.3% year on year, of which Tencents video subscription accounts increased to 112 million, and the number of music paying users exceeded 43 million.

6. Game revenue: online game revenue increased by 31% to 37.298 billion yuan

Tencent holdings reported that online game revenue increased 31% to 37.298 billion yuan in the first quarter. This increase mainly reflects the income contribution of domestic smart phone games (including peace elite and King glory) and the increase of overseas games (including pubgmobile and clash of Clans), partially offset by the decline of income of PC client games (such as dungeons and Warriors).

Capital operation

Tencent first formed a buyers group with Blackhorse capital, and privatized the purchase of the car change at a cash price of $16 per ads, with a total transaction value of $1.1 billion.

Since then, according to the US Securities Regulatory Commission, Tencent has purchased 1.68 million American ADSS of Weilai automobile through its wholly-owned subsidiary Huanghe investment, with a total investment of US $10 million (RMB 70.7 million). After the increase,

In addition, the rumors of Tencents stake in iqiyi have also been growing. Tencent holdings is in contact with Baidu to discuss the acquisition of iqiyi shares, according to a source. However, Tencent and iqiyi have yet to respond positively. At present, baidu owns 56.16% of iqiyi,

What do you mean back to back?

Its clearly breaking through the wind and waves!

The fight to win or die make complaints about the Tencents rise in the early May. The article believes that behind the tiktok new contract and the Shaw war, the Tencent is aiming to seize the flow control and solve the traffic bottleneck by distributing the short video platform like jitter and other short messages. By controlling the production of the most upstream content, the content industry chain of online text animation film and television series, flow star, variety show and so on will be opened.

Results after the article swipes the screen, Tencent will release a brilliant quarterly report: the first quarter revenue is over 100 billion, daily income is 1.2 billion. Then Tencent shares took off again.

In the face of todays new high share price, netizens have said: how can this be a back to back fight? Its clearly breaking through the wind and waves.

Danbin, chairman of Dongfang harbor, also tweeted to celebrate: 590 days later, the leading Internet companies finally reached a new record! Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619

Danbin, chairman of Dongfang harbor, also tweeted to celebrate: 590 days later, the leading Internet companies finally reached a new record!