Disney English will start the refund process

 Disney English will start the refund process

Disney English said in an open letter, in the past few years, we have noticed changes in consumer preferences, more consumers tend to online learning experience, and the global epidemic has exacerbated this trend. Parents have many concerns about resuming face-to-face extracurricular learning courses. As you know, the national Disney English Center has not been opened since January 2020. After careful consideration, the company decided not to reopen Disney English Center.

How to refund?

Disney English said it would refund the remaining tuition fees. From June 26 to July 21, Disney English Center will provide parents with refund service and other related matters.

The refund process is as follows:

The reporter tried to call Disney Englishs customer service hotline, but it was busy all the time.

Performance hit

Disney English has a pure Disney pedigree. According to the official website, Disney English is a training brand directly operated by Walt Disney Company.

In addition to the impact on offline training business, since this year, due to the spread of the epidemic in the world, theme parks in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, California, Florida and Paris have been closed since January, and all six Disneyland parks in the world have been affected by the epidemic. Meanwhile, Disney had to close its hotels and suspend its cruise business.

At the other end of the industry chain, Disneys film and television industry is suffering. Mulan, black widow and X-Men: mutants, which attracted much attention, have successively cancelled their release plans, and the film and television projects in the process of shooting and preparation have also stalled due to the epidemic.

At the same time, Disneys share price has also experienced twists and turns, from 140 yuan at the beginning of the year to 85 yuan in the middle and late March, and the total market value has dropped from 250 billion US dollars to 150 billion US dollars. In early June, as the epidemic improved, Disneys share price rose to about 130 yuan, but recently fell to more than 110 yuan again.

Offline cold winter online warm spring

Since the beginning of this year, educational counseling institutions are facing a lot of impact. Many English training institutions are the first to bear the brunt. Since February, many offline education institutions have declared closure.

Previously, it was understood that Beiwai childrens English (Beijing Jiaomen campus) stopped operation due to capital problems, and more than 200 students have paid tuition fees, involving more than one million yuan, but can not be refunded normally. In addition, four direct campuses of sibem childrens growth center in Beijing shut down suddenly.

Earlier, squirrel AI announced that it would suspend the offline course operation of more than 2000 educational institutions and move online. Li Haoyang, founder of squirrel AI, said: determined to be a villain, the salary of the whole staff is 3.5% off 5 months, and the salary of the core executives is zero.