What does the German designer want to do?

 What does the German designer want to do?

Dietprada, a well-known fashion review account, recently published relevant content on the social platform. The top of the picture is Dior mens fall and winter 2020 series, and the bottom is philippleins latest series of prints. The design style is very similar.

In addition, a newly released sneaker in the the $kulltm series is suspected of copying Alexander McQueens most classic little white shoes in the design.

This is not the first time that the brand has been plagiarized. As early as 2017, Alexander Wang, a famous Chinese designer, personally tore up the brand and filed a lawsuit.

Copied designer Alexander Wang

As like as two peas in 2015, he had shown a nearly identical fur coat that he displayed on the VFILES with designer brand HyeinSeo.

Philipp plein on the left and hyeinseo on the right

The classic skull element of trend brand MMJ was also directly photographed by Philipp plein and transferred to the brand, which was sued by MMJ brand in early 2017.

Philipp plein on the left and MMJ logo on the right

In addition to plagiarizing the designers brand, philipplein is not soft on the classic design elements of big brands. Guccis tiger head and snake pattern, Givenchys shark head shape are almost carried into his own brand design intact.

Philipp plein on the left and Gucci on the right

Philipp plein on the left and Givenchy on the right

Compared with other designers ideas, the designer himself is very sensitive to his own brand being copied. He not only publishes hang people on his social account, but also collects a large number of brand fake clothes worn by netizens, and even the names and photos of netizens are published in his account.

However, compared with these, what makes most netizens angry is that the T-shirt once produced by the brand in 2007 has the words fuckyouchina printed on the back, and there is a clown pattern representing China in the Qing Dynasty next to it. After being accused of insulting China, there is still no public apology.

Source: Netease fashion editor: CHEN Si_ NB12921