Kanghui confessed that the college entrance examination was almost replaced: the children of poor people, step by step!

 Kanghui confessed that the college entrance examination was almost replaced: the children of poor people, step by step!

In 1996, Wang Lili, a girl from Liaocheng, Shandong Province, was admitted to Liaocheng agricultural school.

Although it was only a technical secondary school, it had a huge amount of money at that time. After graduation, it was the status of a cadre and could be directly assigned work.

But Wang Lili didnt wait for her admission notice.

Another girl changed her name and achievements, entered the campus, joined the party, and then went to the street office, with stable work and comfortable food and clothing.

After Wang Lili found out, she contacted the media for exposure and asked for a statement.

But the replacement asked her with great wealth, say, how much do you want?

Wang Lili was also accused by her replacements colleagues: its too hard to do it, and both of them are hurt!! If you take her down, you cant go up either!

In the eyes of the fake Wang Lili, fairness doesnt matter. It takes someone elses life and can be made up for with a little money.

In the eyes of her friends, justice doesnt matter. Wang Lili is just jealous of other peoples positions and power.

Perhaps, in their past decades of life experience, money and power have always been supreme and omnipotent.

To this end, Wang Lili said: I am poor to death, do not want this kind of money!


In 2003, Wang Nana, a girl from Henan Province, was waiting for her admission notice with a teachers dream.

What she did not know was that she was admitted to Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College.

What she didnt know was that the admission notice was cut off halfway. A girl named Zhang Yingying walked into the campus in her identity.

Later, he lived the dream life of Wang Nana and became a glorious peoples teacher.

The real Wang Nana didnt find out until 2015.

Zhang Yingying, the replacement, proudly told her, what have you been struggling with in this school? Its not Tsinghua University.

So far, there is no apology.

Who can be willing to watch others steal their own life?

By the time she got her graduate certificate, she was 37 years old, over the age limit set by Henan teachers.

She can only sign up for western education and try to be a rural teacher without any organization.

We hope to educate poor children and change their destiny with knowledge, she said

Knowledge can really change fate.

However, if fate is not protected by justice, it will be rewritten by evil again.

Therefore, Wang Nana sued Zhang Yingying for only 13 yuan.

She wants everyone to see whats right and whats wrong.


In 2004, Liaocheng, Shandong Province!

A girl named Chen Chunxiu took the college entrance examination.

Her family was so poor that she didnt even have a telephone. When filling in the application, she could only write the address of her neighbors house.

The elder brother knew that his sisters grades were always good. He dropped out of junior high school to work for his younger sister and waited for a college student at home hopefully.

As a result, they waited and waited, nothing.

Brother advised Chen Chunxiu to read again for another year, but Chen Chunxiu did not want to drag his family down, and also lost confidence in himself.

In the following time, she went to the workshop assembly line, worked as a restaurant attendant, and did such dirty work.

When she applied for the adult college entrance examination, she was surprised to find that she had already gone to university and successfully graduated from Shandong University of science and technology. At present, she works in an audit department.

However, it is quite different from the smooth wind and smooth water in the archives that Chen Chunxius family was still in poverty after hard struggle.

She ran to Shandong University of science and technology. The teacher of the admissions office looked and said, its not you who went to university. Youre really being replaced by an impostor.

In a word, it means her stolen life.

Chen Chunxius father felt ashamed of his daughter when he learned that: they found out that I was an old farmer and counselled people. They are just like this. If I have the ability, they dare not.

In place of Chen Chunxiu, his father was a civil servant and his uncle was the leader of the county audit bureau.

She had the cheek to tell others that it was her aunt who operated it, and she died a month after she went to university.

I dont know how her aunt would feel if she heard such words under Jiuquan?

I am from Shandong. I know how hard it is for a rural child to go to university in Shandong, Henan, Hebei and other places.

There are many examinees, high scores, limited education conditions and fierce competition. Any child admitted to university has paid unimaginable efforts and sweat.

However, poor children who are powerless and powerless are often replaced by college students under the pretext.

One data shows: only in 2018-2019!

Only in Shandong!

Only in the 14 universities that published the results of the inventory!

242 students were replaced!

As you know, there are 221 colleges and universities in Shandong Province and 2663 in China. The two-year data published by these 14 colleges and universities is obviously just the tip of the iceberg.

Kang Hui, host of CCTV, also mentioned it in his autobiography.

At that time, he applied to China Media University for the first place in culture course, and was almost replaced by the father of another competitor who used his position to conceal it.

Fortunately, Kang Huis father worked as a clerk in the post office. He could find the manuscript of the telegram and know his sons real ranking.

He ran among universities and relevant departments to ensure the smooth enrollment of Kanghui.

If not, a good host may be buried.

College entrance examination, for ordinary children, is the first turning point of fate. If you are not careful, your life will be in the opposite direction.

Kanghui is lucky. He keeps his own track of life.

But, Wang Lili, Wang Nana, Chen Chunxiu What about them?

Perhaps the replacements colleague was right. Even if you take people down, you cant go up!

Those who have been replaced, their youth and fate, have long gone!