In life, contact less with these people and dont let them consume the temperature of your life

 In life, contact less with these people and dont let them consume the temperature of your life

As an adult, the first thing you should learn is to know people with insight, know what kind of people are worth communicating with, and what kind of people cant communicate. Only in this way can you avoid ineffective social contact, make your life circle more pure, and make your life more relaxed.

So today we are going to talk about what kinds of people should stay away from in our daily life.

A complainer

Every one of us has met such people in our life. They are narrow-minded and like to enlarge some unimportant things and let themselves go to extremes.

For example, if we lose one yuan, we can complain about one day with you, struggle about what we eat in the evening, and hate someone because of a quarrel.

You may be able to listen to each other out of sympathy at the beginning, but after a long time, your psychological energy is spent on these useless things, and you will naturally be unhappy.

Everyones life will have many problems, but as Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, said: life is not fair, get used to it. Remember, never complain.

As an adult, we must stay away from those who consume you in life. Only in this way can our life be more meaningful.

I cant see a good person

When watching the legend of Zhen Huan, I dont like huanbi and anling Rong very much, because they are very jealous women.

Zhen Huan is also sincere to anling Rong, but anling Rong has killed Zhen Huan even without her children, because its all the emperors concubines. Whats the difference?

These two women have the same characteristic: they are jealous and cant see others better than themselves.

Francis Bacon once said, jealousy is the devil who always stealthily destroys the beautiful things in the world.

I understand his jealousy towards me, but I always think that when you think that others are better than you, you should try harder to surpass them and think about how to make yourself better, rather than how to make others bad.

Finally, we didnt get in touch with each other. I think its too tired to get along with such a person. If you succeed, he will trip up and say sour words. If you fail, he will gloat and even fall down. How can we have real fun with such a person?

In the book of changes, there is a saying: to be a man of ones own, to be a man of ones own, to be a man of ones own, to be a man of ones own, to be a man of ones own, and to be a man of integrity.

It means that like-minded people get together on the field and prosper, which is good for crossing the river and torrent, and good for gentlemen to stick to the right path.

Therefore, when we make friends, we must find people who share the same aspiration and three views. We must not entangle ourselves with people with strong jealousy, or your life will be spent in daily suffocation and suffering.

A gossiper

I especially hate people who like to gossip, so I never associate with people who like to gossip. I always feel that such people are not good at heart, and they like to make up some unnecessary things to satisfy their curiosity and that of others.

Just like one of my colleagues, she knows all the gossip of her colleagues. If you want to inquire about anyones affairs, you can know it clearly, but no one knows whats true or whats false.

At first, everyone thought that she just likes to talk about her familys merits and demerits, which is no problem. But later, she slowly found that she actually likes to gossip, and everything changed in her mouth.

When a colleague was promoted, she said she saw her colleague bribed the leader with her own eyes and nose, but in fact, the colleague worked very hard and everyone saw it.

If you have such a person around you, you must be careful, because now she moves others right and wrong, and one day she will come to move your right and wrong.

Whats more, maybe one day, you will become the same person as him, because the tongue is like a sword, which can kill people at any time.

The ancients said: the rumor starts from the mediocre and ends at the wise. When it comes to right and wrong, it must be right and wrong.

Therefore, we must stay away from those who like to talk about right and wrong behind their backs, because to stay away from them is to stay away from right and wrong.

A man of no credit

I once had a friend who had a good relationship with me on weekdays, so I didnt think much about his borrowing money from me. I always felt it was right to help my friend.

But in the later days, he dragged on and on. Every time he came to pay back, he used various excuses. He didnt even answer my phone, blackmail my information, and spoke ill of me.

During that time, I fell into self doubt. Why did I help my friends with kindness, but ended up like this.

In the end, I used legal means to recover my losses, but I also lost the trust in human nature.

Since then, I no longer lend money to anyone, even to any good friend, but also from then on, I understand how important it is to communicate with people who have integrity.

Get along with such people, no matter how much sincerity you give, you cant get back the truth, so its better to stay away as soon as possible.

ambulance chaser

The relationship between people is a link, but sometimes the economic interests are also, especially in the adult world, the interests of each other entangled, inevitable.

I dont think its necessary for us to demonize this issue. Its not terrible to have interest exchanges. As long as two peoples minds are correct and they can not put interest above emotion, they will be able to deal with the relationship between interest and emotion.

But ah, not everyone in the world can think about things like this. There are many people around us who like to be greedy for small things and cheap. They are mercenary and never think about feelings.

For example, when we go to dinner together, he never takes the initiative to pay. Even for AA, he always refuses to pay for it for various reasons without being urged by others.

For example, if you work together to do a thing, he always wants to do the most relaxed part, and at the end of the day, he always wants to attribute all the credit to himself. If you argue with him, you will lower your level, but if you dont care about it, you will feel suffocated.

In this kind of peoples consciousness, as long as there are interests, even small ones, we should try our best to take advantage of them. Things related to their own interests are very positive, but when it comes to other people, its irrelevant.

Life in the world, it is impossible for everyone to like you, or to like everyone. What we can do is to choose the right people to get along with.

As Nietzsche said, if you have been fighting with a dragon for a long time, you will become a dragon. If you stare at the abyss for a long time, it will return to you.

We cant change the quality of many people. What we can do is to stay away from them. You should remember that not to entangle is not cowardice, but a kind of wisdom.

The truly intelligent people will learn to stop losses in time, stay away from those who consume themselves, spend more time on improving themselves, and spend more energy on living a good life, because only in this way can they live the happiest life.

Im Xi Yan, a columnist, a young girl who is neither old-fashioned nor old-minded. She likes to write warm words and do sensitive programs. She has published the rest of your life is about me. If you have a story, please come to me.