People, real maturity, starts from abstinence

 People, real maturity, starts from abstinence

However, if the inner desire is too heavy, once it is not satisfied, it will suffer, and when it is obtained, it will worry about gain and loss.

There is a need in life, not for peace of mind, but for not being tired by desire.

A common mistake many people make is to pursue unlimited desires with limited life and make themselves exhausted.

Truly mature people have learned to abstain from lust.

01. Give up excessive desire to win or lose

Every time a friend chats with her via wechat, its almost commonplace:

Its said that the friends salary has been raised again, and where he bought a house, he cant be compared, and he feels a lot of pressure; or how happy he is after his childhood marriage, but his partner is not gentle and considerate at all, and his heart is very worried.

However, as far as I know, she works in a state-owned enterprise, and her income is not bad. She also bought a house in the first two years, and her husband has always been responsive to her needs, and her life is not bad.

However, her eyes have been staring at other peoples lives, and she has to be better than others everywhere, so that she ignores the happiness in front of her.

There is a saying that is very good: lifes fatigue, half from survival, half from comparison.

Some people are used to regard life as a competition with others, whether its work or life, we should strive to defeat others.

There is no mistake in having an enterprising heart, but it is blinded by the desire to win and lose. Its not worth the loss to make yourself feel bad because of comparison.

You should know that the result of comparison is doomed to lose, because there are mountains outside, people outside, and there will always be people better than you.

If you want to live a better life, you need to give up the excessive desire to win or lose, not to compare with others, but to surpass yourself.

02. Give up irrational lust

However, the outcome is mostly moths fighting fire.

In the first half of my life, Chen Junsheng is tired of his wife Luo Zijun, so he divorced and married Ling Ling.

Luo Zijun asked him why he chose Ling Ling, and Chen Junsheng replied firmly, because I am very relaxed and happy with her.

However, after he and Ling Ling reorganized their families, Ling Ling exposed more and more shortcomings, and they began to keep on jumping.

When he saw Luo Zijun again, he regretted: I would rather go back to the past, the past..

But what about regret? Everything is irreparable.

Because of an irrational lust and a lust for the freshness outside the besieged city for a while, he ended up homeless.

If you cant bear loneliness, you cant keep prosperity.

A lot of people in their feelings quit doing what they want and only by virtue of responsibility and kindness can they have a long history.

03. Give up endless greed

Once upon a time, I dreamed of doing a big business and trying my best to squeeze into the circle of rich people. I didnt think I could get enough. I thought that only money and fame could bring happiness to people.

Desire is hard to fill. When greed takes root and germinates in the heart, it will pursue endlessly and finally lose itself in vanity and vanity.

Einstein once said:

The goals that people strive for - property, vanity, luxury - are, in my opinion, vulgar and despicable.

People live, are full of desire, how can we install happiness?

On the contrary, as long as the health and safety, inner enrichment, plain and common point why not?

In the Analects of Confucius, Yan Hui, a disciple, was praised by Confucius: one can eat, one can drink, and one cant afford to worry about it in a bad lane, so its no change to enjoy it.

Flashy world, can not do without money, fame and wealth, but also can not do without the precipitation of the present.

You should know that the most part of life is plain and light. Dont let the endless greed deprive you of the opportunity of peace and joy.

People who always pursue too much and desire too much can never feel happiness.

The simple happiness of life starts from abstinence.

It is the way of wise people to not be trapped by fame and wealth, disturbed by lust, or engaged in meaningless competition.

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