People to middle age, the second half of life can be promising? According to these three signs, the old leader is right

 People to middle age, the second half of life can be promising? According to these three signs, the old leader is right

When you are middle-aged, you should have a rational understanding of the world. You cant get rich overnight. You can buy lottery tickets. You can spend $10 or $8 a day to have fun. Dont dream about it. You cant build happiness on winning the big prize. Stock speculation can be, but dont expect to catch black horse every day, chasing up and down, the more you play less. Or dont play with any investment. The investment with more than 20% return is basically 200% risk.

When you are middle-aged, you still need to be a friend of time and gradually become rich with the compound interest principle. In middle age, people have a bit of savings. We should use our wisdom to do well in portfolio investment, and do not put eggs in one basket. If the average life span is 80 years, there are 40 years left at 40 and 30 at 50. Its a long time. Dont expect to become rich overnight. Be a friend of time, do solid financial management and investment, and gradually become rich, steadily become rich.

u30102u3011 Love plays with fire.

Middle age, a little money, a little power, a little leisure, wife old pearl yellow, left hand touch right hand, the heart will grow grass, the heart began to stir. Unwilling to die of youth, unwilling to live a dull life. Always want to play a little spark, add some color to life. Some middle-aged people are active in seeking flowers and flirting with others. Some middle-aged people are fooled by true love. In both cases, they fall into the abyss.

Young couples come together all the time. When I was young and strong, I broke into business, neglected my family, and neglected my family. When you are middle-aged, you should return to your family when you have energy, but your heart starts to float out. Can you afford your family? The wife from the youth into the yellow, more need your love, you not only do not give, but also the wild flowers outside. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind is not enough. The son wants to raise but not stay. Your parents are old and need your company, but you give them precious time.

u30103u3011 Blame the world.

Forty is not confused, fifty is destiny. Forty years of perplexity means that we should have self-knowledge of the world, society, human nature and ourselves. Fifty knowing destiny is knowing the fate of the second half of life. Go according to destiny and let it go. Sometimes you have to make a hit, but dont try to make it happen.

However, there are still many middle-aged people who cant see through and complain every day. They always feel that God owes him. For example, some old and old women squeeze into the youth basketball court to dance in the square, forcing young people to give up their seats, or even sit on their thighs. For the old dont respect, let the young people despise, they make up a joke, not the old people become bad, but the bad people become old.

In fact, if you think about it, when you are middle-aged and have a good time, enjoy it quietly. Even if God owes you, you cant change it. Its better to settle your mind and let it go. If you have the ability, you can also do some businesses, such as e-commerce, wechat business, training, lesson selling, self media. If you really cant, you can put up a small stall and open a small shop to enrich yourself. If you dont have the ability of popular technology and marketization, then you can live a quiet life without complaining, anger, decadence, and enjoy the rest of your life Not good?