US media defends Apple: protesting the app store will not change the rules

 US media defends Apple: protesting the app store will not change the rules

Bombarding apple and its app store rules may be good for developers, but the condemned system has helped developers reach all iPhone users, and most developers have been very satisfied with the app store since it was launched in 2008. You have to pay a price to get such a product distribution system.

Many people criticized apple for charging a high 30% commission, but they didnt seem to mention that the commission would drop to 15% from the next year. And apple offers a lot of discounts. 30% commission is really high, but app stores have helped change the world. If the app store becomes free, its not good for anyone.

Although apple is under increasing pressure, most developers may have no problem with the app store. The app store solves the problem of making apps available to every iPhone and iPad user, and every developer has to decide for themselves whether its worth the cost of getting the benefit.

As Steve Jobs, Apples late co-founder, announced at the start of the launch, the app store is a solution for developers. This is Apples way of attracting developers to their customers and vice versa, with the benefit that it can sell several iPhones in the meantime. Most developers dont have this kind of resource, and even big developers cant make their apps appear in front of every iPhone user, Jobs said at the time. We will solve this problem for every developer through the app store. (small)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report_ NT2541