2.24 million state compensation for delayed treatment of the dead family members in the mens detention center

 2.24 million state compensation for delayed treatment of the dead family members in the mens detention center

Red Star News previously reported that Fuyang man Shen Youzheng, Anhui Province, was detained on suspicion of opening a casino in a crackdown on illegal activities nearly three years after he closed his chess and card room. A month later, the family received the news of myocardial infarction death in Funan County Detention Center.

During his detention, Shen Youzheng told the lawyer he met to complain that he was not well and in a serious condition. The family members of Shenyou card entrusted lawyers to submit the application for bail to Yingzhou branch of Fuyang Public Security Bureau twice, but Yingzhou branch of Fuyang public security bureau did not reply.

Zhou Zhaocheng, the lawyer in charge of the case, questioned that on the day of Shen Youzhengs death, Funan County Detention Center delayed 8 hours of treatment. According to Zhou Zhaocheng, the monitoring shows that at 7:33 a.m. on April 28, 2019, Shenyou card began to attack, and that afternoon, Shenyou card suddenly fell to the ground, and someone came in to send it to Funan County Peoples Hospital at 15:28. In these 8 hours, the medical staff of the detention center only had simple treatment for less than 3 minutes.

According to the rescue record of Funan County Peoples Hospital, Shenyou card was wet and cool when it was sent to the hospital, and all vital signs disappeared, indicating that it had died at the Funan County Detention Center. According to the conclusion of death investigation of Shenyou card, Shenyou card is a coronary atherosclerotic heart disease and died of acute myocardial infarction.

Notice of second appraisal opinion issued by Fuyang peoples Procuratorate

On June 1, Fuyang peoples Procuratorate issued a notice of second appraisal opinion. According to the opinion, doctors in Funan County Detention Center failed to pay high attention to their obligations when they knew that Shenyou card suffered from chest pain under the condition of hypertension and diabetes, failed to carry out targeted screening and effective treatment in time, delayed the time for patients to receive early standardized diagnosis and treatment, and left the patient in an emergency when their condition developed to cardiogenic syncope. The treatment plan was wrong u3002

On June 22, Red Star News reporters learned from the family members of Shenyou card that they had applied to Funan County Public Security Bureau for more than 2.24 million yuan of state compensation.

Some contents of compensation application

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