The great capital, Guoan, has no place to train and has to run to Xianghe

 The great capital, Guoan, has no place to train and has to run to Xianghe

After the Spring Festival this year, with the outbreak of the epidemic in China, Guoan, who had just returned to Beijing after Spanish training, quickly adjusted the subsequent winter training plan. In order to help prepare for the Asian championship, the third stage of winter training was changed from Shanghai to Jeju Island, South Korea. At that time, the rapid response of the national security management also paved the way for the team to play in the Asian championship.

In February, as the only Chinese Super League team appearing in the Asian Championship group match this season, Guoan went to Chiang Rai, Thailand as planned to prepare for the war, and finally beat Chiang Rai United 1-0 away, winning the Asian championship.

The team then took a 20 day holiday overseas and plans to concentrate again in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in early March to continue preparing for the Asian championship, which is not yet clear whether to postpone. However, with the gradual spread of the epidemic abroad, all the events under the AFC have been postponed. Guoan can only adjust the plan again. After nearly 40 days of wandering abroad, the team returned to China for standby.

However, back home, the national security under the epidemic began a new round of wandering.

At the end of March, Guoan regrouped in Beijing, and the whole team went to Kunming Hongta base for about three weeks after nucleic acid testing. Then he returned to Beijing. After more than two weeks of vacation, Guoan gathered again on May 10, and went to the Beijing people and base outside the West Fifth Ring Road for about three weeks of training.

On May 10, Beijing Guoan entered the Beijing people and base for a three-week intensive training.

On June 8, in order to seek better training conditions and environment, especially in addition to training, such as base kitchen and catering, Guoan moved again and settled in Gaoxin base near the Fifth Ring Road in the southwest of Beijing, where it plans to train and prepare for war in the next month.

On June 8, Beijing Guoan entered the Gaoxin base near the Fifth Ring Road in the southwest of Beijing for training.

But only a week later, the outbreak in Beijings Xinfadi market, which is only 4 kilometers away from Gaoxin base, disrupted Guoans preparation plan again, not only cancelled the warm-up match with Huaxia Xingfu and Shandong Luneng, but also forced the team to find a new place to settle down.

Set foot in Xianghe base, let the question of where is national security going come to an end for the time being. But what will be the future of national security? It has become an unavoidable and unavoidable problem.


As one of the oldest Chinese Super teams, why cant Beijing Guoan find a place to train?

For many years, Guoan has been committed to daily training and preparation for the outside of the workers body. With the workers Stadium becoming one of the 10 venues to host the 2023 Asian Cup, the work sports have officially entered the transformation stage, which also means that Guoan has to move out of the work sports in the next three years.

Due to the renovation of Beijing Workers Stadium, Guoan will have to move out of here in the next three years.

During the epidemic, in order to ensure the daily training of the team, Guoan also tried to temporarily return to the outside of the workers Stadium for closed training. But in novel coronavirus pneumonia in April 30th, the Sports Bureau of Beijing city made appropriate adjustments to the open spaces and projects in the work plan for the safe and orderly opening of the sports venues in the city during the epidemic period of the new coronavirus pneumonia, and decided not to open any group projects such as basketball, football and volleyball. This has also become an important reason for the rejection of national security return of the workers sports.

Strictly speaking, the existing conditions of the work sports can not meet the daily training of a super team. There is only a non-standard training ground in the outfield, and the gymnasium in the stadium has a small area and limited equipment, which has a certain impact on the daily training of the team. If the relevant hardware can be upgraded by taking the opportunity of this reform, the reform may become one of the long-term bases of Guoan in the future. But all of this can only be achieved after three years. So where will Guoan go in the next three years?

In June 2017, Guoan and China Disabled Sports Management Center officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Based on the joint construction of the park, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Shunyi youth training base was rebuilt and upgraded. Although the club has signed a long contract with China Disabled Sports Management Center, there are other national sports teams of disabled people in Shunyi base who are not exclusively owned by Guoan.

During the epidemic, in order to ensure the training safety of all sports teams, Shunyi base has always implemented a higher level of control measures than that in Beijing, and all sports teams can only enter and leave. At present, coaches and players of Guoan youth training U16 and above have been staying in Shunyi base since the training resumed in April.

Guoan first-line team has also considered entering Shunyi base, but the control measures of only entering and not leaving are unrealistic for Guoan first-line team. The long-term closed training will not only affect the players psychology, but also, more importantly, the teams preparation quality will be greatly reduced because it is unable to invite in and go out for competition.

It is undeniable that the cause of the epidemic highlights the dilemma of living in no fixed place of Guoan in the past half a year. However, the crux lies in the fact that there is no real training base of Guoan in Beijing.

Why is home?

The training base used to be the hard injury of Chinese professional football clubs. For a Chinese Super League club, whether it has a training base that meets the standard will affect the construction of the club brand, the cost of operation, the preparation of the team, the cultivation of teenagers and many other issues.

In the developed areas of football, the training base is the standard match of professional football clubs. If you want to build a more professional club and develop youth training more effectively, you must have your own standard training base.

The Carrington training base of Premier League giants Manchester United is located in the southwest of Manchester City, which is known as the heart of Manchester United. Since its full launch in 1995, the United first team and all echelons have been training together. From boy scouts to first-team players, even some of the foreign players in temporary trials, will wear red and white training clothes to gather here.

Carrington training base of Premier League giants Manchester United

The training base of the Spanish giants Barcelona is called Gambo Sports City, which was completed in 2009. It has advanced facilities and many natural and flat fields. This is not only the training base of the first team of Barcelona, but also the old lamacia youth training college. With the better training environment and facilities in the sports City, lamacia will continue to transport more excellent players for the first team of Barcelona.

Gambo Sports City -- the training base of Barcelona

As early as 2003, Lang Xiaonong, then director of the League department, designed 18 standards for the access of CSL, which had rigid requirements for the clubs training base. According to European standards, Lang Xiaonong regards the training base as a hard indicator, and each super Chinese club must have its own base. Later, the leaders of the Chinese Football Association relaxed the conditions and changed the training base to a training base with the right to use for more than 10 years.

Since then, in the actual access process, the Chinese Football Association has relaxed the conditions again according to the actual situation, even if the club does not have a training base with more than 10 years of use right, it can also register. The reason is very simple. At that time, if the training base was strictly implemented as a hard term of access, many clubs would not be able to get access to CSL.

In recent years, with the gradual development and maturity of Chinas professional league, in 2015, the Chinese Football Association decided to include the training base into the hard conditions for admission, and gave three-year term to the club without training base: for the club without training base, the standard training base belonging to itself or having the right to use for more than 10 years must be opened before December 31, 2018. Otherwise, access will be banned from 2019.

In fact, the top-level design of Chinese football also takes into account the policy support for the construction of football venues. Whether it is the overall plan for the reform and development of Chinese football issued in 2015 or the medium and long term development plan for Chinese football issued in 2016, it is clearly pointed out that policy support should be given to the construction of football venues. To invest social capital in the construction of football venues, we should implement preferential policies on land, tax, finance and other aspects.

In September 2018, in the list of the first batch of clubs that have obtained the admittance qualification of CSL in 2019 released by China Football Association, only eight CSL clubs, including Guoan, Shanggang and Evergrande, are not listed. At that time, the Chinese Football Association clearly said that some clubs failed to enter the entry list because the base is not up to standard.

Looking at the 16 clubs of CSL, most of them now have their own training bases under the policy support of the local government. Compared with the four major cities of beishangguangshen, Guangzhou Evergrande has a newly built Lishui training base, Shanghai Shenhua has a long-standing Kangqiao training base, and Shenzhen jiazhaoye has its own Lihu training base through long-term leasing. As one of the oldest professional league clubs in China, Beijing Guoan still hasnt found a home.

Since Zhonghe took over Guoan, the club has been looking for suitable venues and cooperation to build its own training base. However, Beijings scarce land and training resources make the new base more difficult than other local cities.

Affected by the epidemic, super teams in the new season no longer have so-called home and away. With the reform of the sports industry, Guoans future home may be moved to Fengtai Sports Center or Olympic Sports Center. Even in the past, where will Guoan settle down for daily training and preparation in the future? Its still a headache.

For Guoan, whether its Renhe base, Gaoxin base or Xianghe base, it can only meet the needs of the moment. As for a club that sets up the banner of professionalization, specialization and internationalization development concept, it has become a problem that Zhonghe Guoan and all walks of life in Beijing have to face and solve to seek and have their own training base.