Wang Yuans happy base camp first singing waltz laughs constantly

 Wang Yuans happy base camp first singing waltz laughs constantly

Netease Entertainment reported on June 22 that on the evening of June 20, Wang Yuan participated in the happy base camp. As the first variety show in 2020, Wang Yuans wonderful performance presented a wonderful program to the audience. The theme of this program is after graduation, there will be a period. Wang Yuan, who sang songs for the TV series the sky of the young dog, also appeared together, especially bringing waltz at the beginning. Wang Yuans clear voice played the songs more youthful and vigorous. After the program was first sung, many netizens are looking forward to the complete sound source on line on the 23rd.

In the program and game, Wang Yuan, the long lost jiejie Wang, went online again. Facing the host, Why are you shaking? Is it too tight? Wang Yuan replied, in fact, its mainly physical cold. A quick and humorous response brings us a lot of joy. Whats more interesting is that in the follow-up game, Wang Yuan was found wearing two pairs of socks, once again fulfilling his own body cold stem, the two character brother is really very interesting. In addition to laughter, Wang Yuan frequently produced golden sentences on the spot, which moved many people. In the sentence making game, Wang Yuan said: when I was a child, I thought my parents were Superman. When I grew up, I found that Superman would also grow old. warm sentences poked many peoples hearts. In the sentence making later, Wang Yuan added: when I was a child, I felt that Mr. He was very young. When I grew up, I found that he didnt change at all.. Such a high EQ performance has to be affirmed by everyone.

Wang Yuan also said in the program that the new album is in preparation, and hoped that you can support it at that time.

Source: Hu Mengyao, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ NK5655