My best friend meets my boyfriend, Xu Zhian returns: Huang Xinying is the biggest loser

 My best friend meets my boyfriend, Xu Zhian returns: Huang Xinying is the biggest loser

I hope he has nothing to do with it. After such a long time, everyone should look forward.

Thats true, because Ma Ming has already taken a big step forward.

Not only last year, he won the title of emperor Shi, but also just announced a new love affair in a high-profile way - with Tang Luowen, who is 13 years younger than himself and has the reputation of beautiful soup. Life is not too proud.

Ma Ming can be the emperor of vision. I really want to thank Huang Xinying for his divine assistance.

In that years five students, only Ma Ming is loyal to the last, but its a pity that Taiqing runs with him every year.

Ma Ming finally won the award for the white strong man. Guo Jinans YT, which is also good and evil, is the No.

In order to boost Ma Ming, TVB didnt let Guo Jinan be shortlisted.

Its not unfair. After all, Guo Jinan has won the title of emperor Shi for three times, and his acting skills are among the best in TVB. If such actors are elected every year, its really hard for them to come out.

Ma Guomings face, cut off by Li Yaoxiang and stunned by the fever, is still impressive.

So he devoted his best youth to TVBs model worker, Ma Guoming. Finally, in his 20th year in the industry, he took the seat of TVBs first young student after he survived Lin Feng, Huang Zongze and Wu zhuoxi.

At the award ceremony, the whole audience cheered and clapped loudly. The spring of honest people finally came.

The business bloomed, and the second spring of emotion followed.

Farewell to Huang Xinying, Ma Guoming and Tang Luowen continue their high-profile leading edge in psychological pursuit.

Ma Guoming is known as the citys bamboo plate, mainly because of its popularity. TVB is a brother with filial piety and single mindedness. There is little gossip.

As a TVB ashes, my first love affair with Ma Guoming is still at Zeng Huaqians stage. The intersection of the two is probably the exploration of ancient spirit. Ma Guoming was a second-class man at that time.

Zeng Huaqian, the entertainment commentator of gossip magazine, finally found plain happiness. He said goodbye to Liang Chaowei, such a God and rich businessmans ex husband, and then came to Ma Guoming, who was plain but honest.

You see, since then, the impression of Ma Ming in the entertainment circle has remained loyal and honest, which hasnt changed in more than ten years.

The biggest problem of honest people is that they are easy to get good cards.

Two former girlfriends, Hu Dingxin and Huang Xinying, are both famous for playing coffee. Huang Xinying needless to say, Hu Dingxin is said to have used Ma Ming as a lifeboat from time to time after the suspected split split up. Yang Yis grievance for her boyfriends girlfriend led to the most famous eye killing in history.

So after Tang Luowen came out, everyone would sigh: this may be the right person.

Tang Luowen is the second generation of stars. His uncle is Tang Zhenye, one of the five tigers of TVB, who killed Weng Meiling. His father is Tang Zhenzong, the first group of old Hong Kong stars to come to the mainland in the 1990s, with hundreds of millions of properties in his hands.

The most important thing is that Tang Luowen has always been the image of good girl since she started her career. She has few gossip, and her appearance is not angular, which makes people comfortable. Its like Ma Guoming, the female version.

When two people are together, there is a feeling of natural stupidity bumping into natural stupidity.

But the relationship between Tang Luowen and Huang Xinying is more intriguing than that between him and Ma Guoming.

But on the other hand, apart from their daily hug and pose, they did not act like a pair of true girlfriends.

During the beauty contest, Huang Xinying had more than once come out to play tricks and stab Tang Luowen. The two later did the program together. A male guest mistakenly took Tang Luowen as the champion of Hong Kong sister. Huang Xinying immediately corrected Tangs failure.

And Tang Luowen is not ambiguous, not only took over the role of Huang Xinying, but also took over her ex boyfriend.

Huang Xinyings response to this is quite subtle. She didnt mention her best friend, but said that she wished Ma Guoming health and safety What the hell is this?

A famous example of TVBs last girlfriends ex boyfriend was Carina Lau, a strange woman. Zeng Huaqian hated her for more than ten years, and it was only in middle age that she slowly let go.

So regardless of the true or the false, the friendship between Huang Xinying and Tang Luowen, the two sisters, is basically cold.

Whats more sad than their friendship is the fate of their mutual exchange.

In 2012, the beauty pageant of Hong Kong sister, Tang Luowen of the second generation of stars, was originally the biggest hot winner, but who wanted to end up in the top five, but Huang Xinying, who really had no bright spot in the beauty pageant, rose to the second place.

Looking back at the live video at that time, Huang Xinying was really more calm, friendly and energetic, which may be the reason why she rarely failed in many years of wandering among male stars.

Huang Xinying used the same trick to shoot [for the God of food], and built up Ma Guoming. The other side vigorously develops resources for her with contacts, which leads to the public love in gongxinji 2.

After Huang Xinying, although the face value is controversial, but all the way up, won a lot of the leading role of the play, the future is infinite bright.

Although its soup, its too formal, comfortable and not eye-catching. Its not reused in TVB.

Until Mei Xiaoqing announced that he would give the character to Tang Luowen as a birthday present.

Well, for the first time, I heard that second-hand gifts were given to people.

Seriously, its not a good job. We need to finish a lot of plays in just a few months. We dont even have time to cultivate emotions. Sometimes we act directly in the air.

Tang Luowens task before filming is to lose ten pounds. I didnt expect that the pressure is too much to be fatigued. Not only did she lose ten pounds, but also she gained ten pounds.

But because dedicated and willing to bear hardships, Tang Luowen finally began to be popular, and gradually received the role of No. 1 woman. After the official announcement with Ma Guoming, there is no need to worry about future resources.

Two people were supposed to take the wrong script, so quietly exchange back.

Huang Xinying, who has no drama to shoot, was caught in an economic crisis by Hong Kong media.

At the beginning, four people were relieved, one was forgiven by his wife in a high-profile way, and the other was happy to mention a new love affair. All three of them had turned over the page, and only she was the most difficult.

Marseille and Yang Siqi are the best examples. They are just being reused, and they start to die before they become popular. TVB has basically been unable to go back, and there is no market for them in the mainland.

Entertainment circle is the place with the best understanding of the world. The scene of how Huang Xinying and Yao Ziling pushed Zhu Chenli together is still vivid.

Its a pity. How can we figure out that its oneself who walks in the cool tea nowadays.

I believe that when Huang Xinying wrote this essay, she must be filled with emotion:

I dont know if she had ever thought of this day when she was sleeping with her husband while she was in love with Zheng Xiuwens fitness show girl?

Her story always reminds me of the classic line of roufutuan. Its probably changed to be: whoever pries his best friends boyfriend will be pried by his best friend.

Karma, the cycle is not good.