Who says I cant get married: there are too many useless theories, so its better to love bravely!

 Who says I cant get married: there are too many useless theories, so its better to love bravely!


Have you heard Han Hans famous saying in no future meeting? Ive heard a lot of truth, but I still cant live a good life. In fact, the more you live, the more you understand: you really dont need to hear too much about the so-called truth. First, is it true? Second, is this truth in line with your actual situation? Three, too many reasons will let you be tied up? All in all, just listen to the truth. As for whether to do it strictly according to what it says? Different people have different opinions. Can we have a good life? Truth may not point you in the direction.


Lets talk about Cheng Lu and Wei Shu. Its official match - so it doesnt matter how the process is. However, all of a sudden, the strong group CP is a little abrupt. It gives me the most intuitive feeling, that is: there are too many useless theories, so its better to love bravely. Wei Shu is a professor of psychology. He talks about the psychology of love. It is not only gentle and elegant, but also poisonous (character setting). In theory, Wei Shu has no problem at all. But is his emotional life happy? Not happy, but also divorced. Does that theory work? Yes, but on paper.

Look at Cheng Lu. At the beginning, the feeling was that she met her first love again. First love is always the most unforgettable. No matter what they broke up for or whether they were in an uproar at that time, its the first time in their lives that they fall in love with and have feelings with the opposite sex. Well, its been years. People will change, not only in appearance, but also in thinking. In this way, he is no longer him and you are no longer you. Wei Shu and Lu changed their ways to communicate with Li Weihao, which really worked. However, the two men are still not predestined - what can I do.


Love also needs routine, but not just routine. Wei Shu tells Cheng Lu what to pay attention to when dating alone and when having social gatherings. Theory is always theory, and practical operation is more important than anything. Cheng Lu first tangled with Ma Baonan for a long time, and then he was very hard to get rid of each other. Cheng Lu falls in love with xiaoha again for a year, because with him, you can go back to the usual youth and happiness. Wei Shu shook his head, but he was not ready to go. Even if they are jealous, they dont let Cheng Lu know.


Cheng Lu didnt get the happiness she wanted, and the breakup made her even less interested. But Wei Shus emotion to her also increases day by day, how to do? We all know the truth, but we still need you to experience, pay and feel. At the end of the day, Cheng Lu is brave enough to show her love. Wei Shu cant believe it. How could this happen? I have been a psychology professor for most of my life, but I havent fully guessed the womans psychology. Theory can guide practice, but theory can never replace practice. Wei Shu, be brave. Go, love!


Who says I cant get married? Meet the right person, gogogo!