The first episode of half zezhishu 2 starts in July, 25 minutes longer

 The first episode of half zezhishu 2 starts in July, 25 minutes longer

The novel coronavirus pneumonia 2 was suspended in early April because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and it was not formally re photographed until June. On July 21, the crew released the latest trailer, announcing the opening of the first episode on July 19, and invited the actors Yu yalen, Yasukuni Kawabata and he Laixian to shoot the film, reporting the good news to the audience: sorry to keep you waiting.

Half zezhishu 2 is seven years away from the first work, and this year it finally launched a sequel. The plot is also adapted from the works of Hayashi ikei, a Japanese writer who enjoyed the random steps of Edogawa. It tells the story of Tanakas role as banzezhishu after he was transferred to Tokyo central securities. He and the actress, ShangHuCai, partner again as husband and wife. The old faces, kawawa Guangbo, kaokawa aizhizhi, and Beida Luxin will also return to perform.

Based on the banking industry, Banze Zhishu, which was broadcast in 2013, describes how Banze Zhishu confronts enemies inside and outside the bank, praises the leading actor Yu Ya Ren, and the classic line of the play redoubles the repayment, impresses the audience so far. Half zezhishu also set a historical record of Japanese drama, with the final recovery rate of 42.2% in the first season, ranking the highest ratings of single episode of Japanese drama in the Pingcheng era.

Source: Yang Ming, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ NV5736