Obviously save full of disappointment do not love male tickets, but why do you always feel sad after breaking up?

 Obviously save full of disappointment do not love male tickets, but why do you always feel sad after breaking up?

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Brother, it seems that I really broke up. I dont know why. My heart doesnt hurt at all,

Think of break-up, no tears, just feel empty, occasionally think up will cry.

But I dont know why. It seems that from the second semester of sophomore year, I dont like him so much.

By this winter vacation, this feeling seems to have reached the extreme during the epidemic. I often feel that even if I break up, I have no feeling and will not cry.

Recently, I dont want to chat with him very much. I dont want to meet him very much. I met him before and didnt even want to hold hands with him.

Before we met, he sent a message to find a hotel in the afternoon after dinner. I only felt a little sick to him.

Im not in the mood to get back to his news these days. Yesterday he asked me what I thought, and I broke up.

He tried to save me, but I refused. Whats wrong with me? I love him so much before, but now Im so cruel.

In fact, my mother has been not optimistic about us, I hope I break up with him.

Because he had been studying hard, and because his roommate gambled with him during college, he owed a lot of money during that time.

I was very worried. I was in a mess. I told my mother that I wanted to borrow money from my mother, but when my mother asked me, I said the reason, which made my mothers impression of him worse.

I think I did a very bad job in dealing with his relationship with my mother.

There is a gap in educational background. I am a normal undergraduate student. I may become a teacher in the future. My work is very stable,

I heard that it seemed reasonable, but after so long together, I didnt get up in the morning and heard from him, so I suddenly wanted to cry.

Last night, he said to delete each other. I didnt agree. Then last night, I was afraid that he would delete me. I woke up early in the morning to see if there was him in my friends.

It is clear that I want to break up, but after the separation, I still feel very uncomfortable and want to cry. What should I do?


I dont know what and how many disappointments you have accumulated in him, which makes you expect so much to break up,

Even for meeting him, there are some little dirty things that may be very sweet for lovers.

First of all, education. I always feel that education is not the biggest gap between two people,

Whats more, most of you can learn a lot in University, which can really make you have a high level of internal sublimation. In fact, you have a good idea.

After graduation, many people are not engaged in this major, but a degree certificate, which does not mean anything.

As a result, they were kicked by the society, only to find that what they got from the University was only the tip of the iceberg, and experience and fighting spirit were the king.

In my opinion, the real gap between the two lies in their attitudes towards life, outlook on life and values.

Whether or not to go to university, whether or not to go to a good university, can only show that learning ability is strong, does not mean that vision must be high, does not mean that lifestyle must be right.

Think about it. So many famous people didnt go to college, or they didnt finish it,

But they know how to enrich themselves in their spare time and whether they can consciously improve themselves is the biggest gap between them.

I think there is a terrible problem with him, that is, gambling. As a result, you have to help as your girlfriend to find a way to repay.

Gambling is not terrible. Whats terrible is that I dont know how to control gambling. I dont object to having fun with friends and children once in a while, or on Chinese New Years day.

But gambling to the extent of debt becomes the gamblers mentality. Such a boyfriend is not only out of shape, but also a matter of no self love and no sense of responsibility.

The prodigal son turns back to have, but few, and I also want to confess, perhaps I have seen many relatives and friends who have lost their lives because of gambling.

So I hate bad gamblers very much in my heart, and there is no one who ever meets gamblers who sincerely repents, and I also die for them.

So I want to give you a wake-up call. If he doesnt wake up and still likes gambling, I really think its right to separate this relationship.

And the reason why you are sad and lost is that you have a habit and emotion in it after all.

Its like when you raise a small animal and suddenly its gone, you will feel sad. Let alone a person who has been with you for such a long time and has invested a lot of feelings, natural state.

In a word, when it comes to knowing the other persons character, never be sentimental. To put it bluntly, just dont over read the old love and be soft hearted.

Now that weve broken up, its an irresistible thing to be sad. Lets allow ourselves to fall for a while.

Then through the diversion of attention and busy, slowly to adjust the mood and mentality, do not be memories of the beautiful and suddenly lost reluctant to lead the nose.