Want to get rid of the bill? Do you know six little secrets about women? All I know have girlfriends

 Want to get rid of the bill? Do you know six little secrets about women? All I know have girlfriends

3. Feel who likes her. You may ask, why can a woman perceive who likes her? This is not easy to explain. It can only be said that this is a womans natural skill, the sixth sense of a woman. Women may be able to look at her through your eyes, or find that you are a little different from her, etc. in short, it is your casual or unnatural behavior that gives her the basis for judgment.

4. Women are willing to be close to people they like. It is not difficult to find out in life that if a woman does not feel for a man, then she will definitely refuse to have physical contact with the boy. Even if you accidentally touch your hand, you will instinctively dodge. So, if you are in contact with a woman, if you accidentally touch her, and she will dodge at once, then you can taste it yourself

5. Refuse but dont hate you. Like the woman refused you, will really hate you? Actually, its not that serious. Maybe its just that shes afraid of hurting you or worrying about other peoples gossiping, so sometimes shell alienate you, but that doesnt mean she hates you.

6. Women dont care that much about your money. Nowadays, a lot of emotional chicken soup is written in some extreme and irresponsible ways. For example, if you dont have money, dont chase girls. Nowadays, girls are material girls and so on. In fact, it still needs your screening. Because now many women are very self-reliance, and you love is not for your money, but just for the fate of life. Even if you leave one day, it may not be because of money, but because you have no previous attachment to the future, so you choose to leave.

Well, Ive said so much, I dont know if it satisfies the curiosity of boys and friends? The above is also a summary of personal understanding, right and wrong, we choose to see it. thank you!