Li Yuchun: the biggest influence for children is that their father loves their mother

 Li Yuchun: the biggest influence for children is that their father loves their mother


At that time, someone asked Li Yuchun, whats the biggest influence my father has on you? Maybe, you guess she would say father love is like a mountain; father is the guiding light, father is the reliable backing, father is the sky above... And so on. However, Li gave the answer without hesitation: love my mother. That is to say, this love has the greatest influence on Li Yuchun. Do you know how deep the love between parents is? Among them, there are too much tolerance, too much tolerance and too much accommodation. Love to the end, it must be a family life will not be separated.

Here, the first is the relationship between husband and wife. It is not to show love and happiness to children, nor to respect each other in front of children, or to respect each other behind their backs. Its the determination to help each other. Unfortunately, some families are not normal. The time that husband and wife meet is very few, some are perfect to miss. I just came back when you were at work. Youre home. Shes still working overtime at the company. Yes, its no longer a man or a woman. Dont think about it. Men are in charge of making money to support their families and women are in charge of beauty. Life, let everyone have no temper.


Next, the education of parents to their children. Amicuss education of love is not just school education. The success or failure of family education has a great influence on children. Yes, you dont feel much about children under widowed marriage. Wrong, very wrong. As children grow up, they will gradually have their own ideas about love and marriage. How is it possible? Its necessary. Its called the edification. In the role of empathy, the parents are what their children are. Most happy parents and children are happy, while unhappy parents and children

A man might say: its all about being a mother. What does the family want from you, a man? What does this wife want from your husband? What does the child want from your father? Men think its womens business to educate their children. They just need to be responsible for maintaining a high image. Again, this is a big mistake. Only if you dont love this wife can you give her all your family education. Only if we dont love this child enough, can we be stingy in educating him. All education cant compare with the real happiness of loving this wife and family.


Moreover, father loves mother also has the biggest advantage - the family atmosphere is good. Mom feels happy. She will pass this happiness on to her children. In a subtle way, children will understand what love is. Thus, become a child with love in his heart. So its not hard for you to understand that if your original family is happy, it will be the cure of your life; if your original family is bad, the harm you suffer may take a lifetime to cure. Do you think that father has little influence on children? The key is to see whether he loves his children or not.


Happy families are similar. Unhappy families have their own unhappiness. I hope all the children are happy