Wang Junkais creative adaptation of want to see you is recognized as a professional

 Wang Junkais creative adaptation of want to see you is recognized as a professional

This creative composition want to see you want to see you want to see you by Wang Junkai not only adds a new texture to the song, but also adds a new emotional resonance to Wang Junkais unique aria and wide range display. The whole song in the original tone of a more youthful campus sense, young peoples determination and must see the you mood are incisively and vividly demonstrated. From the adaptation of want to see you want to see you want to see you, we can see Wang Junkais own musical quality and taste. Before his every performance can bring new sensory experience for the audience, typhoon, voice, foundation are his sharp weapon on the stage. In fly away and meteor, his original rap words have a great attitude, announcing his freedom and persistence to the world. Since his debut, Wang Junkai has never stopped his practice in music. At the end of our band, he did hand in a satisfactory answer sheet for everyone. And his music road is still very long, and Wang Junkai has never stopped.

In the final stage, Wang Junkai did not relax in the face of the final game. He still gives the players some advice seriously, and still brings joy to everyone with his high Eq. At the end of the program, he and three other predecessors witnessed the Taishan band winning the championship. On the stage, the members of Taishan band held Wang Junkai excitedly and shouted, Mr. Wang, I love you! This is the musicians love for Wang Junkai from his heart, which also proves that Wang Junkai is indeed recognized and accepted as the president of the market. At the end of the program, Wang Junkai proposed to give the performance costumes of each band to them as a souvenir. He also hoped that these excellent musicians could stick to their dreams all the way forward. At the end of the program, Wang Junkai tweeted about his growth in the past six months. He paid tribute to the musicians and thanked them. He said he had problems and concerns at the beginning, but decided to participate because he liked music.

But as you can see, Wang Junkais concerns are completely superfluous. Because both musicians, seniors and the outside world have appreciated him a lot. Musicians call him parent and warm man, and elders and critics praise his music achievements. All this comes from Wang Junkais own serious attitude towards music, and the principle of comparing heart with heart, and treating others. In the program, Wang Junkai has always supported the development of minority music. He also said that the music young people like is the future of music. Wang Junkai has repeatedly used his own resources to promote the development of the band, and there are more people because he has to understand the band culture.

From the beginning of the first program, Wang Junkai used his expertise and vision to give the musicians pertinent suggestions. He knows the soul of the group and what ace should do. He will point out the bands problems and take care of every players mood and face. He will treat everything mildly and fight for the sake of musicians and critics. In our band, Wang Junkai made many people who didnt know him feel his transformation and growth.

Our band has come to an end, and Wang Junkais way forward is still far away. I believe that he will keep his original heart, adhere to himself, and grow and break through all the way!