Old leaders know people: smoking, drinking, driving, and so on

 Old leaders know people: smoking, drinking, driving, and so on

The second is the snobbish person who looks at people handing out cigarettes. Old horse has a habit of smoking. He has two boxes of cigarettes in his pocket, one is good and the other is bad. When meeting leaders or people who are useful to him, he will take out a good cigarette and offer it to others. He is clear about the difference. He is not willing to give cigarettes to people who are not useful to him. When you smoke in the workplace, its better to smoke in a group rather than in a single person. You either dont smoke or smoke all of them. Dont divide them into three or six or nine grades. When you see a leader delivering good cigarettes and a group of colleagues chatting, he only delivers cigarettes to those who are useful to him. You can be tolerant if you are stingy, but your snobbishness will be hated by everyone.

Third, the people who take away the good food and cigarettes. A business tycoon once talked about a personal experience. In fact, he appreciated a subordinate very much and consciously wanted to cultivate him. Later, because of a smoking thing, I gave up the training plan. The big guy entertained us and took a few boxes of cigarettes. The subordinate took advantage of peoples inattention and quietly carried his own pocket. It happened to be seen by the big guy that he was greedy and cheap, which made him uneasy to be responsible for the business of oil and water. Unit colleague Dayang is the same, he loves smoking, reluctant to buy a good cigarette. Every time when we have social activities and have a good cigarette, he will take the initiative to smoke for everyone. The rest half of the boxes will be put in his pocket. After the leaders found out several times, they knew it clearly, saw through it without any point, but they no longer used him.

u30102u3011 The quality of wine is the quality of people. These three kinds of people cant be handed over.

One is people who drink too much. Lao Nius working ability is good, and his drinking capacity is even better. If he knows how to play his strengths, he is also a rare talent. However, the old bull likes to run around in the pub and crush others, which he thinks is a wonderful enjoyment. Several times, Lao Niu forced the supplier to drink alcohol and put others into the hospital. Several times, Lao Niu vomited blood and stirred up a big project. Under the wrath of the leader, he was demoted several times and could not be used.

The second is the man who cant drink but is blind. People who cant drink have self-knowledge, grasp the scale and dont make a fool of themselves. In fact, huazi only has the level of three or two wines. Every time he participates in the liquor Bureau, he can make a Jin and a half of momentum. Once, the person who received the inspection team, Hua Zi, showed himself in front of the leaders, and had to talk with other Huashan about carrying the pot and rushing. As a result, he was unconscious and delayed the event. In the minds of leaders, such people dont know themselves and have no self-control, which is easy to delay things. No one dares to reuse him, and there is more than enough success and failure.

Third, people who drink and play alcoholic. Liu spent his whole life in the company, but he was not promoted because of his good name. Big Liu is more greedy for wine. He will never let go of the meal that can be rubbed by the unit. He will also create an opportunity to drink the meal that cant be rubbed. He likes to drink, but he doesnt drink much. After three cups of horse urine, he cant control himself. What has the final say show all sorts of ugly behaviours on the brain, no matter what the leader is, or even chasing the waitress running around the house. Several leaders have determined that Lius control is too poor to be assigned to an important post. His career ended as early as the day when he made a scene in the wine market.

u30103u3011 The car quality is just like the human quality. These three kinds of people dont care.

One is the one who turns on the high beam. Mr. Zhang used to appreciate Xiao Li. Once in Xiao Lis car, he found that Xiao Li had been driving the high beam lights all the time. Later, he consciously alienated Xiao Li. Driving at night, in order to see the road conditions in the distance and remind the opposite vehicles, you can occasionally hit the high beam. Its immoral to keep driving the high beam all the time to dazzle the other party. Whether its meeting or overtaking, its dangerous for others. This kind of people only care about themselves, regardless of other peoples life and death, they can neither make friends, nor reuse.

Second, too many points are deducted for driving license. Director Li had a good relationship with Xiao Lin and cultivated him very much. Once, Xiao Lin borrowed his drivers license everywhere, even on his head. This year, Ive been deducted more than 40 points. Borrow your driving book and help me eliminate the points, Xiao Lin said in a big way At that time, director Li felt that Xiao Lin was not reliable and alienated him. Those who often violate the rules and regulations but dont care about it can be seen that they trample on the rules and the bottom line recklessly. Their principles are too poor to make deep acquaintance or reuse.

Third, people with serious road rage. When a man drives a car and sees disordered behaviors, he is more or less road rage, which is understandable. Manager Zhou believed in Xiao Zhao at first. When he took Xiao Zhaos car to a meeting, he found that Xiao Zhaos road rage was very serious. I met someone on the way to say goodbye to him. Xiao Zhao was more energetic with that person. He swearing and blundering all the way. He had to stop the person and fight with that person, which delayed manager Zhous meeting. From then on, manager Zhou dared not give Xiao Zhao any more important affairs, and gradually marginalized him.