Taishan band wins our band Nicholas Tse, Wang Junkai, farewell

 Taishan band wins our band Nicholas Tse, Wang Junkai, farewell

After the end of our band, Nicholas Tse, Wang Junkai and Xiao Jingteng successively published their true farewell on Weibo, counting the details along the way. The three partners went all out for the program and got the praise from the whole network.

From the control of stage, lighting, sound and other aspects in the early stage to the use of personal resources to bring the contestants to the party, as the sponsor of the program, Nicholas Tse devoted 12 points of energy to the program and the contestants. As Nicholas Tse said, band is his endless dream. He wants to provide a basic platform for young people to take the band dream and take risks together.

Wang Junkai, President of the market, took on the market-oriented advancement of the band. During the program, Wang Junkai not only showed his professional and attitude in music, but also let more audiences understand and love the band culture through him. At the same time, Wang Junkai, with his love, strives for more resources for the players and bands, and takes the players to shoot programs in magazines. As he wrote in his final long article, its cool for everyone to stick with their love, and its cool for a music type they love to go up against the current. Thats the band spirit. I hope that every intention can be heard by the market, and there is an echo.

In the program, with the help of three partners, more than 60 excellent musicians from all over the world, who are carrying the music dream, find the band partners who share the same aspiration and form a band of their own. And in the continuous refining, these growing band new forces have also accepted the test of the market. During the broadcast of the whole season, the bands original music frequently won the top ten of each music playing platform; Erdi, Sanshi Yisheng, the bands predecessors and so on frequently praised our band.