No matter how good the relationship with the leaders is, dont touch these five things. If you play too hard, you will be ignored. The more you mix, the worse you will be

 No matter how good the relationship with the leaders is, dont touch these five things. If you play too hard, you will be ignored. The more you mix, the worse you will be

u30102u3011 To build dignity for the leaders.

Xiao Zhao actively approached the leader, loyal, and always maintained the authority of the leader. The leaders housework was also entrusted to him, and he became the red man around the leader. After getting too familiar with the relationship with the leaders and getting involved in the housework, we will know a lot of privacy of the leaders. It turns out that the reason why leaders are able to rise to the top quickly is not because of their superior ability, but because the leaders have an uncle who is the upper real power group. But the lower level didnt know that the backstage of the leader was so hard, and sometimes they didnt listen very well. Xiao Zhao will tell them that youd better be honest. We always eat together. On the surface, it suppressed the subordinates, but after spreading it, it had a great negative impact. The leader was furious. He felt that Xiao Zhao was offside and transferred him from his side.

u30103u3011 Think for the leader.

Xiao Zhou has been with the leader for three years. Because of his good understanding and learning, he knows his mind and almost becomes a roundworm in the leaders stomach. Originally, this is an advantage. If we are mature and steady, have a tight voice, and do well as assistants, we will have a bright future. Once, when the unit was going to carry out a reform measure, the employees paid close attention to it and talked about it in succession. A lot of people asked Xiao Zhou for information. In the sound of compliments, Xiao Zhou was a little flurried. They quietly told their friends about his guess ideas and plans and said they didnt believe them. Then you can see if I analyzed them. Without by the time, the staff have been spread, causing great passivity to the leadership. Leaders reprimanded Xiao Zhou for dont think for me blindly. Since then, they no longer reuse him. They can use smart people in private, but not smart people.

u30104u3011 Create atmosphere for leaders.

u30105u3011 To smooth things for the leaders.

Xiao Lin has been recognized by the leaders for five years. He has become the right arm of the leaders. He is always accompanied by business trips and social activities, which makes him feel like a confidant. Once, the superior came to inspect the work and criticized the leader. The leaders attitude was very correct. Xiao Lin feels that the leaders have been wronged, and he is so familiar with the relationship with the leaders, so he should settle matters for the leaders. Xiao Lin was kind enough to do bad things. He called his superiors on his own initiative to explain and take responsibility. Not only did he fail to play a good role, but also played a bad role. The superiors thought that it was the leaders playing a small smart role. After the leader knew that, in spite of his anger, he no longer paid attention to Xiao Lin.

To sum up, it is not only an advantage, but also a double-edged sword to walk in the workplace and get familiar with leaders. If we cant grasp it well, its very easy to offside, on the contrary, it will bury the good relationship and even go to the opposite side. Its not necessary to be so nervous to accompany a prince like a tiger, but no matter how good the relationship is, dont lose the sense of distance, dont vulgarize the relationship, let alone over fire the relationship.