The owner of e brand died after anti epidemic was refuted, and the publisher will take responsibility if there is any problem

 The owner of e brand died after anti epidemic was refuted, and the publisher will take responsibility if there is any problem

If the company sues me, I will face it positively, and my original intention is not malicious. Mr. Wang said that after he got in touch with Xiaogan online police by telephone, he also tried to contact the company to which the car belongs, but it has not been successful. Follow up the news released by Xiaogan police.

The news of the novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported earlier. A car in Xiaogan began to park in Xiaogans Huaiyin park. The video and commentary showed that the car had been parked in the park for several months. The owner died of pneumonia due to the new crown pneumonia. In the video, Mr. Wang claimed to have made a phone call with the owners family and confirmed that the owner died.

After Xiaogan net police released the news of refutation, some netizens suspected that Mr. Wangs contact with the owners family was a fabrication. In response, Mr. Wang said that he found the owners family through the mobile phone and confirmed that the owner died, but he could not identify the real identity of the other party.

At 12:14 on the 22nd, Xiaogan Municipal Public Security Bureaus online security detachments official microblog @ Xiaogan online police patrol and law enforcement released a message to refute the rumour that Xiaogans private car had died after months of unclaimed anti epidemic activities.

After Xiaogan City Public Security Bureau network security detachment verification, confirmed that the owner is still alive. According to Xiaogan evening news at 12:12 on the 22nd, at present, the public security organ has contacted the owner of the car to verify the situation.

According to a statement attached to the aforementioned report, the car is owned by our Company Xiaogan anyida Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. (changed to Xiaogan anyida Real Estate Co., Ltd. in 2017), the owner is in good health, and it is a pure rumor online. The company reserves the right to pursue corresponding legal liabilities.

The time of the statement is June 22, and it is stamped with the red seal of Xiaogan anyida Real Estate Co., Ltd..

At noon of the same day, surging news noticed that the social platform account that released the above videos had been set as a private account, and the relevant videos could not be viewed.

Mr. Wang also said that he didnt expect this event to develop to such a degree. He reflected on himself that as a self-Media, the authenticity of any information released should be checked; many things are meant to be good and dont mean that they can be done; he hoped that netizens would have a just view on this matter and dont want personal attacks; he hoped that everyone would care about Hubei people and make efforts for the epidemic situation in Hubei People.