Tian Guisens key goal Shanxi reverses Jiangsu Wu Guanxi 28 + 13 Ren Junwei 33 + 7

 Tian Guisens key goal Shanxi reverses Jiangsu Wu Guanxi 28 + 13 Ren Junwei 33 + 7

Shanxi team: Ren Junwei 33 points 7 rebounds, Tian Guisen 9 points 4 rebounds, former manager 15 points 4 assists, Ge Zhaobao 9 points 3 rebounds, Liu Guancen 11 points

Jiangsu team: Wu Guanxi 28 points, 13 rebounds, 2 blocks, Blakeney 35 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, Shi Hongfei 6 points, 7 assists, Zhao Zhizhou 11 points, Hou Yifan 15 points

Game related:

At present, Shanxi ranks 10th in the league with 18 wins and 12 losses, and Jiangsu ranks 15th in the league with 11 wins and 19 losses

Event replay:

At the beginning, Jiangsu team got the ball right, Wu Guanxi hit the basket in the first round, causing a foul, two penalties, then eating bread successfully, layup successfully, in good condition, Shi Hongfei threw in two three points in a row, Ge Zhaobao and Ren Junwei also hit the inside line one after another, the scores of both sides were tight, blarneys three-point shot in the outside line, with Liu Chunqings breakthrough, Shanxi ended first with 27-23 Section.

In the next competition, Zhao led the boat to change the attacking position and throw in three points. The former commander also made three points on the left side. After Shi Hongfei broke through, he finished the air relay with Wu guanxi, which caused a cheer in the bench. Then, blarney continued to take the points and gradually opened the difference. With Huang Rongs wonderful pass, Wu Guanxi helped him to throw at the outpost, and Shanxi ended up behind 46-54.

Yi Bian fought again, Hou Yifan hit three points on the outside line, Ge Zhaobao came back and hit the basket, resulting in additional penalty. Then the former commander-in-chief and Zhao led the boat to throw in three points continuously on the outside line, hitting a small climax, helping Shanxi to reduce the difference quickly. Jiangsu team was forced to call a pause, and Wang Hong played 2 + 1. After blakenis snatch, a long fly was buckled, helping Jiangsu to stop bleeding. Shanxi finished third with 73-82 behind Section.

In the decisive section, blarney won the mid-range jump shot in a row, scoring 7 points in a row. Tian Guisen turned around and hit the layup on the high board. Zhao Zhizhou and Ren Junwei also scored successively. Shanxi gradually reduced the score. Then blarney played 2 + 1 to maintain the leading position in Jiangsu Province. Ren Junwei suddenly took a penalty to help the team to level the score. Then Tian Guisen hit three points to help Shanxi against the super ratio Point, Ren Junweis key free throw, two free throws, and Blakeneys three points were not, Shanxi finally reversed the game with 106-102.

Starting from both sides:

Shanxi: yuanshuai, Zhang Hanjun, Liu Guancen, Ge Zhaobao, Ren Junwei

Jiangsu: Blakeney, Shi Hongfei, Zhao Zhizhou, Huang Rongqi, Wu Guanxi