One touch and death challenge: no one survived

 One touch and death challenge: no one survived

This cartoon collects some pieces of my mind when I face the issue of death.

Ah Wei died is such a word, which has no special meaning, but is indispensable to existence.

Unkown constantly gives clues from the perspective of God, and the protagonist I, as a living person, is forced into the death of awei.

Being dragged into the death of another soul, I lost the right of indifference. A Wei who cant even remember has a relationship with me, which requires a kind of responsibility to investigate the cause of death.

But can death really give a 100% sure answer? Any attribution is a deviation from the truth, death, without a decisive moment. The collapse of I comes along with the collapse of certainty.

Ah Weis image is very vague, like a human being or a cat, but it can be clearly different from the existence of industrial potato chips. In this way, awei has no guarantee date and cannot die accurately.

Death is unpredictable. Living creatures cannot see their own death, but they are always on the way to death.

Later, I even forgot Ah Weis death. Only the stone like a tombstone can mark the death of TA. The noisy death event was transformed into a silent memorial or forgetting ceremony.

In the end, there is another death of awei, because death is not only specific, but also large-scale. It is in a field of death events that all things are endless.

These are some of my false words about death as a living person. I wish you a happy life.

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