Happiness at your fingertips! u300bEnd of office guide positive values with ingenuity

 Happiness at your fingertips! u300bEnd of office guide positive values with ingenuity

On the contemporary youth values

Happiness at your fingertips! u300bFocusing on the current youth group, with the popular stories, this paper discusses the mentality and behavior of contemporary youth in the dimensions of entrepreneurship, family, friendship, love and growth. This produced a lot of repercussions in the young audience. Especially when the protagonist encounters setbacks, difficulties, contradictions, or even falls down, he still firmly and persistently pursues happiness and ideals. Even when his family or friends reach for the olive branch, they will calmly analyze it and solve it with their own strength, so as not to gnaw old and cling to it. This kind of spiritual temperament belongs to the contemporary youth, so that many viewers see their own shadow.

Song Lin (Huang Jingyu), a self-made elite in e-commerce industry, has not yielded to compromise in the face of the constraints of industry rules or the pressure of competitors, and has always adhered to the bottom line and principle at the risk of abandoning all previous achievements. In his opinion, the most precious characteristic of a person is a sense of belief, a good treasure from his parents, and a good fight from his parents. With his ups and downs of entrepreneurial experience, he explained the motto of a happy life depends on self struggle, no shortcut and luck. Zhou Fang, a new generation designer, not only uses a positive attitude towards life to infect the people around her, but also inspires the young people to work hard and forge ahead. The situation is not up to people, but happiness can be grasped by themselves. in the face of the dilemma of love and workplace frustration, Zhou Fang is not discouraged, but more frustrated and braver. She would rather sell the house to repay than gnaw at the old age. In the face of false accusations, she would shake hands and say yes. When she was in trouble, she knew how to show gratitude and never give up. I dont want the money I dont earn myself, I want to cross that standard myself, not let you lower the threshold for me. These soulful life values let many female audiences directly shout: life should live like this. It is the mainstream values of young people that women are independent and independent. Zhou Fangs best friend Qin Qing (decorated by Zhang Xinyu) boldly pursues the design dream, but her family is well-off but she does not want to forge ahead. She devotes her inspiration and creativity to jewelry design, pursues works with ideas and temperature, and finally makes great achievements in her own field. Zuo Yulin (Yi Daqian), a new employee in the workplace, is praised by the leaders and recognized by his partner with his progressive work attitude and sunny attitude.

What kind of whet youth will face and how to strive to realize its ideals have become a subject for many young people. Happiness at your fingertips! u300bThe protagonist in the novel is full of vigor, courage and courage. It is a collective epitome of the outstanding young people in the contemporary era and shows the charming and hopeful group in this era. As the overseas edition of the peoples daily pointed out, they have their own unique characteristics, but also have the common characteristics of the winners; they have experienced hardship, loss and hesitation, but also adhere to their beliefs and ideals in difficulties. This kind of ingenuity from the producer has become a great success for the play to attract the audience.

Tap the core of value and play the social function of literary works

Happiness at your fingertips! u300bIt not only vividly shapes the original appearance of the contemporary youth in the workplace, but also integrates the workplace, family, marriage and other elements, and fully demonstrates and reflects the intergenerational conflicts between parents and young people, so that the whole play is fuller and more three-dimensional in the construction of social values.

Exchange sincerity for sincerity, and use understanding and communication to resolve intergenerational conflicts. This attempt to reconcile dream and reality not only makes the audience feel that it is a real and living story, but also has a strong educational significance. It shows the deep thinking of TV producers about dreams and intergenerational relations.