Cai ban announced that Chen Jus dispute on the appointment of vice president of the supervision director is on hold

 Cai ban announced that Chen Jus dispute on the appointment of vice president of the supervision director is on hold on June 22, according to Taiwans Central News Agency, the office of Tsai ing Wen, the leader of Taiwan, announced on June 22 that the 6th supervisory committee would nominate candidates, with Chen Ju, the former Secretary General of Tsais office, as the supervisory president.

According to the report, Cai ban was scheduled to announce the nominations of the chief and vice presidents of the supervisory academy and the supervisory committee on the afternoon of the 19th, but because the nominees of the vice presidents exploded - Huang Jianting, former head of Taidong County of Kuomintang nationality, accepted the nomination, he was scolded by the blue and green camp, and the press conference was temporarily cancelled.

After Huang Jianting announced his withdrawal from the nomination, Chen Shenxian, another suspect nominee of the supervisory committee and former vice mayor of Xinbei City, also withdrew. Su Jiaquan, Secretary General of CAIs office, said the two seats were reserved for the time being, waiting for the right time to nominate again.

Earlier, according to the Zhongshi electronic news, Huang Jiantings nomination quickly triggered an earthquake within the Kuomintang. From late night on the 18th to early morning on the 19th, Kuomintang people began to scold and criticize in Facebook, and some people criticized him as a traitor. Jiang Qichen, chairman of the Kuomintang, expressed regret and stressed on Tuesday that if Tsai ing Wen wants to cooperate with political parties, he should follow the path of political parties, which is the real cooperation between the government and the field. The opposition within the green camp to the personnel case is equally strong. Lin Feifan, Deputy Secretary General of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), said in a Facebook statement on the 19th that from Huang Jiantings record of disputes in the past to the attitude of human rights policy value, he is not the right person. I hope the senior management will think twice.. Several legislators in green camp opposed the nomination.

According to a press release released on the afternoon of the 19th by the Kuomintang, Tsai ing Wens list of supervisory committees is full of merit and political considerations, which is totally inconsistent with the peoples expectation that the supervisory court will play the role of supervisory government. Chen Ju, the presidents proposed nominee, is even under investigation. Tsai ing Wens attempt to transfer Chen Jus own dispute from the list dispute is clear.

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