No one claimed the death of car owners in Hubei? Photographer: I made it up

 No one claimed the death of car owners in Hubei? Photographer: I made it up

u25b2 Mr. Wang, the photographer, posted the clarified information on the social platform. Photo source / screenshot

In an interview with the media, Mr. Wang said that a car with EK license plate had been parked in Huaiyin Park of Xiaogan since March 6. For a long time, he made contact with the owners family members, and confirmed that the owner had participated in the fight against the epidemic, and later died unfortunately.

Upstream journalists learned that there are many parking lots in Huaiyin park for free parking.

In June 22nd, novel coronavirus pneumonia Limited issued a statement in Xiaogan. It said in June 21st that the car was parked in Xiaogan Huaiyin Park in the KC7137 car park, claiming that the vehicle owner had not moved because of the death of the new crown pneumonia. Now we solemnly declare that the car is owned by our Company Xiaogan City anyida Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. (changed to Xiaogan City anyida Real Estate Co., Ltd. in 2017), the owner is in good health, and the online rumors are pure rumors. It is advised that the post sender should eliminate the influence quickly, and the Internet users should not spread rumors. The company reserves the right to pursue corresponding legal liabilities.

The anti rumor news released by Xiaogan police. Photo source / screenshot

On June 22, Mr. Wang was on his way to the police station when the upstream news reporter contacted him. He said that he was engaged in management work in Wuhan and had friends in Xiaogan. When I went to play with my friends, I found that the car was unclaimed. Then, he sent a short video saying that the owner of the car died of fever after taking part in the anti epidemic campaign. When many media interviewed him, he didnt change his words and insisted on this statement.

Industrial and commercial information shows that Mr. Lu is the legal representative of Xiaogan anyida Real Estate Co., Ltd. Mr. Lu told the upstream news reporter that he owned many cars and lived near Huaiyin park. Huaiyin park can park, how can I not stop?

Mr. Lu said that Mr. Wang was making a rumor that he was dead, which made him very angry. He is considering whether to sue Mr. Wang.

Mr. Lu didnt answer why he stopped for more than 100 days.