There are a large number of asymptomatic infected people in Fujian Yonghui fresh food logistics

 There are a large number of asymptomatic infected people in Fujian Yonghui fresh food logistics

Yonghui supermarket, novel coronavirus pneumonia, has always been a focus on the livelihood basket business and care for the health of employees. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, it has made outstanding contributions to the protection of peoples livelihood and stable market, and has been fully affirmed by governments at all levels and the community. Novel coronavirus pneumonia stores novel coronavirus pneumonia, Fujian, like all stores in Yonghui supermarket, strictly enforce the standards of killing and protection, and no suspected employees infected with new crown pneumonia, but no new symptoms of asymptomatic pneumonia. After the outbreak in Beijings new market, Yonghui, Fujian Province, immediately launched store screening and organized relevant staff in Fujian region to carry out nucleic acid testing in turn. After testing the novel coronavirus pneumonia nucleic acid in Boao Medical Laboratory of Fujian, the new crown virus samples of workers in Yonghui supermarket in Fujian were negative, and none of them had asymptomatic infection.

For this Internet rumor, Fujian Yonghui supermarket reported to the public security organ on June 19, and will investigate the responsibility of rumor maker according to law.

Fujian Yonghui supermarket clarification statement

Regarding the novel coronavirus pneumonia asymptomatic infection of Fujian Yonghui supermarket fresh logistics staff, we attach great importance to it and take immediate measures to check it in line with the spirit of responsibility for the vast number of consumers and employees.

We hereby make the following clarifications:

Our company immediately organized all fresh logistics staff of Yonghui supermarket in Fujian Province to carry out nucleic acid detection after learning relevant rumors. According to the nucleic acid test of new coronavirus pneumonia in Fujian Boao medical laboratory, it is confirmed that the test results of all fresh logistics staff in Yonghui supermarket are negative. No novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia was found in all stores, nor did the new onset pneumonia with asymptomatic infection occur.

Yonghui store carries out strict and meticulous disinfection and sterilization work before and during business every day; all staff must carry out health observation, temperature measurement and wear masks every day; under the premise of ensuring that the temperature of the store reaches the standard, strengthen ventilation, ensure air circulation, and fully ensure to provide safe, healthy and comfortable shopping environment for consumers. The above-mentioned untrue information is transmitted in wechat group, which has a great adverse impact on Yonghui supermarket, causing panic among the masses and interfering with the normal epidemic prevention and control work. For the above situation, our company has reported to the public security organ to investigate the responsibility of the rumor maker!


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