The IOS 14 reform and mysterious hardware are on the market. Apple wwdc20 will be released online tonight

 The IOS 14 reform and mysterious hardware are on the market. Apple wwdc20 will be released online tonight

According to apple, this will be the largest ever global developer conference. After all, everyone is equal. More than 23 million developers in the global Apple community can participate online. So what kind of surprise will WWDC bring us under the new challenge of new form? Lets take a look.

According to the past practice, a series of Apple ecosystems, including IOS, ipados, watchos, Mac OS, etc., will launch new versions. After the launch, the developer version will be directly available. The official version will be delivered to ordinary users in the autumn with the release of the new iPhone.

However, no matter what kind of surprise WWDC will bring this time, the protagonist still has to be IOS 14. Thanks to the continuous exploration of curious babies in various channels, Apples confidentiality measures are in vain, so that as early as February, we can learn some new features of IOS 14.

Android users are very familiar with the new list view, screen widget and card call display functions, which have been perfectly ported in IOS 14. Users can view all applications on the device in the scrolling list. On the basis of iPad OS 13, the widget adds the function of free movement, giving users more personalized space.

In addition, the wallpaper setting of IOS 14 may also bring more autonomy, which can be classified according to the content. The default wallpaper is divided by the picture set. Including classic stripes, earth and moon and flowers, users do not have to put all Wallpapers together, but can scroll through each collection to easily find specific wallpapers.

In addition to the above mentioned, IOS 14 may also upgrade a number of its own applications, including maps, search and safari. Other aspects, ApplePay may finally support Alipay, ApplePencil may also support iPhone, AR applications will be upgraded to pre installed App, add a variety of Emoji13 expression, iCloud key string may join two step verification and other advanced functions, some of which rain women have melon, some rain women without melon.

As for iPad OS 14, according to the Convention, it should be basically consistent with IOS 14 in terms of visual and detail functions. However, it is worth noting that there is a rumor that iPad OS will support global mouse operation. Most mouse features on Mac OS are also migrated to iPad OS 14, and the mouse pointer will change with the reference.

Its very detailed, but it also shows some problems. For example, the myth of productivity tools and the expectation of smartkeyboard with touchpad can expand your imagination.

Although there was not much information exposure before, the watchos7 release on WWDC is stable. From some known information, the upgrade of watchos7 should focus on the functions such as dial and health monitoring.

Watchos7 is likely to introduce a new dial, which may include a graphic dial with a speedometer component. It can measure the travel speed within a specific distance by marking a digital scale that gradually becomes smaller around the bezel. It can also be used to calculate the workload and calculate the completion time. Many high-end mechanical watches have introduced this function, which is absolutely equipped with X-knife.

In addition, watchos7 may also add the function of dial sharing, allowing users to share their own customized dial to other applewatch users, which should be a great boon for those who like DIY dial.

In other aspects, the voice of improving the childrens mode function has been relatively high. Although the watchapp on iPhone can be bound with multiple applewatches at the same time, only one applewatch can be activated and used at a time. But in watchos 7, Apple will allow parents to use their iPhones to manage and pair their childrens apple watch. In addition to the ability to enable the functions of managing trusted contacts and music control, a new function of class time will be added. In a special time, you can fully control which apps your child can use.

Although WWDC has always represented a feast for developers, and the theme is also around the software. However, before that, there have been many times when Apple added drama to WWDC, and the hardware often appears in this developer conference. So the possibility of Apple launching new hardware is not small.

It has been found before that Apples 27 inch IMAC inventory orders have been in extended delivery status for more than a month. It is expected that the delivery time will be arranged after WWDC, but the delivery of 21.5 inch IMAC is normal, which is easy to associate with whether the new IMAC will be updated on WWDC.

Not long ago, there was a rumor that a redesigned IMAC using the iPad pro design language would appear on WWDC.

The source said the new IMAC will have a narrow border, similar to the Apple Pro display XDR, and will be integrated into the iPad pro design language. There are also signs that the next IMAC may use amd chips for processors and graphics cards. Or use Apples internal chips based on ARM chip technology. Moreover, IMAC may abandon hybrid HDD / ssdfusion drive storage completely and choose the full SSD flash scheme.

At the same time, there is also a new a2330 device in the Eurasian Economic Commission database, and some speculate that it is also likely to be a redesigned IMAC.

Before that, there was more radical news that Apple would announce that the MAC product line would completely abandon the Intel x86 processor architecture and turn to the independently designed desktop processor based on ARM architecture. If the news is true, it would be the fourth time in Apples history.

However, the A-Series processor developed by apple is indeed becoming more and more powerful. Apple has announced more than once that its performance has been comparable to that of PC processor. In addition, apple does not like to use Intel processor in essence. Intels strength in communication with machine manufacturers is well known. The current situation is just a temporary compromise of apple. It should be sooner or later to give up Intel processor completely.

The A-Series processor with its own arm architecture can also better promote the integration of iPhone, iPad and MAC multi terminals. The project catalyst released by WWDC last year should be Apples foreshadowing for armmac. And there were also rumors that Apple was working on a project, code named Kalamata, that included software and hardware to make iPhone, iPad and MAC computers work together more seamlessly.

But it is worth noting that Apples overall plan should be divided into three steps starting from project catalyst on wwdc19, that is, application software, operating system and hardware supporting. Now its the first step. The bugs of Mac OS 10.15 havent even been repaired. Its probably too early to talk about the architecture transformation. Amdyes has a certain possibility.

In addition to the redesigned iMac, there are also some hardware that are likely to appear on the wwdc20, including the Bluetooth locator airtag, the new AppleTV, the headset airpodstudio, and the new homepod. Of course, everything will be announced on the day of wwdc20 conference.

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